Clearings $225
Clearings are for home, office, personal release or for situations to generate success and opportunity. I do not remove negative energy but rather I assist it to move to a higher vibration so that it supports rather than causing difficulties.
Clearings enhance people’s lives, increase business, and generate newfound opportunity and good fortune. Clearings also generate an open space for resonance with a higher supportive vibration to take place allowing forward movement in one’s business, relationships, and life.
Energy can become dissonant/stagnant when there are unresolved issues on the land, at one’s location (business or home) or in one’s personal energy field. This is generally caused by historical issues or present time trauma, legal battles, divorce, serious illness, death, etc. Energy knows no timeline. Much of the troublesome energetic discord in need of clearing is caused by negative emotions and their resulting actions, past or present attracting misfortune.

Please call me for more information… being CLEAR and living and working in a clear space can create success and prosperity as well as good health and opportunity to manifest your intentions!