Alexis Summerfield, M.A.

Feng Shui Consultant
Clearings and Readings

I am Alexis Summerfield and I have been a Feng Shui Consultant for over 35 years.  Most of this time was spent in the San Francisco East Bay where I worked with homeowners, Realtors, corporations and small business owners.

Now I live in Sedona, Arizona and my expertise is clearings. I clear people, relationships, homes, small businesses, office buildings, negotiations, and more.  Clearings are effective in any situation, location, or personal energy field where a positive outcome and experience needs to be achieved.  Very often the positive goal is blocked by negative energy that is out of balance.  Giving the energy an opportunity to realign and become coherent can set everything in motion again!

Alexis Summerfield

If you wish to earn more money, enhance relationships, solve problems or forward a business activity or other venture, I can help you do so!

40,000 Clearings and Counting

I have done more than 40000 clearings in the last 35 years and my clients have had amazing results. An example of that would be homes selling more than 25% over the asking price… Recovery from mysterious illnesses, release of difficulties caused by negative energy in home or office, properties selling that wouldn’t sell before the clearing, increased prosperity, new love, release of blocks and obstacles, release of feeling anxious or depressed with no specific reason, and much more!  See my testimonials and read about a variety of positive experiences my clients have had from clearings!

I also do Traditional Feng Shui in homes and businesses, mostly on Skype or by email and phone.  I have Feng Shui’d hundreds of homes and businesses with excellent results for over 35 years. I keep my clients forever!  The positive outcome is created by setting up a 4000 year old energetic template called a Bagua, in a home or business.  It involves placement of color and elements and certain feng shui cures that can deliver amazing results like increasing prosperity, enhancing business and personal relationships, more business, happiness and positive movement forward in life!  I work all over the country as well as with some international clients.

All of my work is done at a distance from the concept of non-locality in quantum physics… John Bell won the Nobel prize in 1964 for his theory of non-locality.  Below is an animated rendition of how energy can affect our lives and cause difficulty  because it blocks the flow of the energy that supports us in location or in our personal energy field. If there is negative energy in certain areas of your house  or office it can affect finances, health, relationships, luck and fortune, career, etc.  See the Bagua for the location map in the layouts below.


Bagua Feng Shui
If energy has accumulated and is not flowing in your personal energy field, it can cause emotional disturbances such as depression or anxiety and pain.  My information and process are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Black Hat Buddhist Feng Shui. (You can Google BTB Feng Shui for more general information.)

There is no time and space other than what we create an order to establish order in our lives. Our world is ONE field of which we are a part.  The energy work that I do from a distance is based on quantum physics theories which I learned while attending JFK University, where I received my Master’s degree in consciousness studies and teaching.

Through the Veils of Rain by Ted Grussing

Photograph by Scott Glackman

I also do ceremonies for clients In the majestic and spiritual red rocks of Sedona.  My clients receive information and results back from the cosmos from the powerful connection I make into ceremonies.  I make a prayer circle with a stick in the red dirt and state intentions for clients and offer corn and tobacco to Father Sky, Mother Earth, and the Four Directions. These Corn and Tobacco Ceremony activate the expressed intention.  Some examples of intentions are for increased abundance, more business, finding new love, enhancing love or business relationships, addressing health issues, etc.  My clients have amazing results from these powerful ceremonies!
I also give readings from a system called Destiny Cards. The information is amazingly accurate. It involves numerology and astrology and an icon system of clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds. This system is the origin of our playing cards.

The readings are an hour long and we look at the client’s year as well as a close-up of every 52 days which can be very revealing and again, accurate and helpful.  During this hour, I also offer relationship reports that can either be a business report, family and friends or intimate.  These reports give tremendous insight around increase in clarity of communication with the other and are also extremely accurate.

Please peruse my website and contact me if there is a service that I can offer you to enhance your life, relationships, business, health and happiness!  I would love to talk to you!

With best intentions, peace and love,

Clearings, Ceremonies and Readings are always available.
They continue to bless your life and enhance opportunities!

Just a few comments from happy clients:

My daughter seems to have reckless demons and angels.  She is possibly bipolar. She was unhappy with no self confidence. Apathy kept her in bed till the middle of the day. She had some serious traumas as a teenager and was making poor choices as a young adult because of her low self-esteem. This had gone on for years. THEN YOU CLEARED HER!! She texted the following: “I feel great!!!!!! Actually  I feel so much better. When did she do it?  I noticed a HUGE difference.” I’ll let you know about her progress! Right now the shift is huge for her! — Reno, Nevada

I had the most wonderful experience with Alexis and her clearings! I have increased my business by 10% all in referrals! My business is easier than it has ever been before. The day after my last clearing several new clients just walked in the door. The energy and flow in my office is spectacular. I highly recommend Alexis and all her services. — SR, Insurance Agency, Scottsdale, Arizona

All I can say is you are amazing! Thank you so much for doing the clearing for the house we remodeled and then put on the market. We are now in contract with an early close!!  The “all cash” buyers wanted a 10-day close with no contingencies. That’s amazing since the house has been on the market for several months. This was our 1st and only offer. I should’ve called you sooner. Thank you so much and for all that you do. — WL, Walnut Creek, California

I’m Feeling Light, Positive, Clear, Happy And Very Productive! I’ve felt so much better since you cleared me on Friday. I’m feeling light, positive, clear, happy and very productive! Your work speaks for itself! I would like for you to go ahead and clear my husband. After I told my parents about the clearing I did on their home in preparation to sell it, they have already had improvement! They had two showings this weekend in addition to an open house. They would also like to have themselves cleared! Wonderful! — HJ, Northern California

Many years ago, perhaps 10 years ago I met Alexis at a gathering to improve my business. It started with changing the energy in the space I had in Coldwell Banker. And continued as my business grew and grew. She helped me to pick my personal office space in a new building that was constructed in 2009. That was the beginning of a long, successful relationship. Alexis has helped me with 15-20 seller’s listings a year and 10-20 buyer’s purchases per year. By giving Alexis the basic information she can clear a home or even a person’s energy, allowing for a seamless transaction. I give her phone number out weekly to agents having trouble selling a home or closing an escrow. She is a Godsend and a talent that I can’t do without! Your business will grow, your clients will thank you and you’ll make a lifelong friend in Alexis! -– Michael LoMonaco, Coldwell Banker, Los Gatos, California

Thank you for clearing the home. Figures it would be a 13 on the scale of 10. Where do the spirits come from? You will be glad to hear, that an hour after I talked to you I showed the home. Those folks ended up writing an offer late last night, and another couple returned today that had visited the home several times, and also put in an offer, so I now have two offers at hand. Hopefully one of them will stick to the end. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again! — Ted XXX, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Alexis has infinite power in being able to create energy and turn it into a resourceful power for you. With her amazing power she has changed my life. I have had great success and a lot of money flows into my life. I am now making 5 times the amount of money I was making before. Any repeated pattern issues in my life have been cleared from my life due to her ability to clear these elements that are held deep within. My success has opened up enormously because of the higher enlightenment of energy she was able to open and bring to productivity.  She is a person you need every month to make your next month better. Once a month I rely on her to clear pathways and my business grows stronger. It truly works! She is a fortress of power! -– Loan Agent, High-end Financial Institution, San Jose, CA

Alexis is great to work with. I have now decided to use her in relation to every sale I, and my clients, are involved in. I recently had a listing that had been on the market for 96 days. We had exhausted every avenue to sell it, to no avail. I contacted Alexis to perform an energy clearing on the property and within a week we received two, all-cash offers on the property. -– Amanda Sharp, Paragon Real Estate Group, San Francisco, CA

All of this work is done remotely.

Distance is not an issue.
I’ve always worked with the above clients at a distance and continue to do so.

Some of my clients in Northern California:
Coldwell Banker in Mill Valley, San Rafael, Petaluma, Pleasanton, Danville, Orinda, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Santa Rosa, Sacramento and Burlingame.

Cashin Company Realtors 3 offices in the South Bay

Alain Pinel Realtors (Danville, Saratoga, San Mateo and Pleasanton offices)

J. Rockcliff Realtors (East Bay, 4 offices)

Prudential Real Estate (4 offices)

Pacific Union Real Estate

Intero Real Estate (4 offices)

Frank Howard Allen Realtors (Marin, 4 offices)

Keller Williams  Realty (Walnut Creek, Cupertino, Pleasanton offices)

Sotheby’s Realty in Marin

McGuire Real Estate (Burlingame)

Better Homes Realty (Marin and Danville)

Paragon Real Estate Group (San Francisco)

personal clearing
energy balancing
Additionally, I’ve given workshops for Chicago Title, Fidelity National Financial, First Financial Title, Old Republic Title, Cornerstone and North American Title Companies.

I also worked for Western Pacific Housing (large California real estate developer, where I cleared the raw land (Native American abuse and other historical issues), cleared the permitting processes, Feng Shuied all of the sales offices/sales models, and “cleared” the “dead end” cul-de-sacs for all of their developments over a 7 year period with tremendous success!