About Alexis Summerfield, MA

I incorporate the ancient techniques of Feng Shui with the new sciences of quantum physics to accomplish the seeming impossible.

Meet Alexis Summerfield

I have a Masters Degree in conscious studies and teaching, and a BA in psychology, and I have been working successfully with clients to assist them to create abundance, good health, and more success in their lives for 37 years.

I began my business in 1987, as a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is an Asian energetic healing art. I taught classes on Reiki and other metaphysical and spiritual topics successfully for around 30 years.

I began a women’s group at this time (1987) which went forward for 29 years and I taught about 800 classes on spiritual material during that time to my women’s group, and also to other audiences. 10 to 20 women attended my women’s group each week.

Previously, I worked in the Catholic Church and gave workshops for the clergy and their staff on different psychological processes and related them all to scripture.  I wrote all of my own material.

In 1986, I went back to school and got my BA in psychology and my Masters in teaching and consciousness studies which included my expertise in quantum physics.

I also became a certified hypnotherapist and developed a process, called Hypno Reiki, which incorporated into my business for many years.

The business that I have today began in 1987, and has continued through 2024 and will continue. 

Alexis Summerfield

Alexis taught a women’s group for 29 years (over 800 classes) in the San Francisco area.. 12 – 25 women attended regularly to learn the intricacies of the spiritual component of life to empower their business and personal lives.

In August 2008, I was featured in an episode of HGTV’s Real Estate TV Show “Sleep on it” in which I went through the process of showing the positive selling points for a house using Feng Shui techniques.  In 2001, I published a book about Feng Shui titled Clouds of Purple Chi, for which Barnes and Noble sponsored a book signing and talk in Walnut Creek, California.  Additionally, I was very fortunate to have His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun write the Forward and offer a Blessing to all readers of the book.

I have appeared many times on cable television and been a guest speaker on the radio as well, most recently on “Real Wealth Network.”  My business has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Contra Costa Times three or four times; most recently featuring my workshops with Realtors.

My expertise is in the movement of energy:  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and have given workshops on this topic in Europe several times, as well as Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S. between 1986 and 1996. I studied the disciplines of Chi Gong with Masters in the U.S. as well as in China.  I use all of these ancient techniques as well as the new science of quantum physics in my work today as they greatly enhance my effectiveness as a Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher.

Clouds of purple Chi by Alexis Summerfield
Tobacco and Corn Ceremony with Alexis Summerfield

I graduated from John F Kennedy University, with a Masters Degree in 1992. 

I went to Europe three times and taught Reiki workshops in Munich, Germany, and also traveled through France, the United Kingdom, and India.

In 1996, I went to Japan, where Reiki originated and taught classes there. 

I also taught Reiki in New Zealand and in the United States. 

 In 1998, I went to China to study Chi Gong and began my work in Feng Shui, The Chinese art of Placement. I have continued my practice and career in Feng Shui up to this moment. My focus now is clearing negative energy through the process of non-locality. Although I still do Feng Shui consultations on zoom nationally, and some international.

My business has been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Contra Costa Times in the East Bay, California. My business and work has been featured on HBO TV, and many cable stations.

In year 2000, I wrote a book on my experiences as a Feng Shui Consultant called Clouds of Purple Chi.  My book was featured as a presentation at Barnes & Noble in Walnut Creek, California.

In the years from 2000 to 2007, I worked as a Feng Shui Consultant for Western Pacific Housing in Brentwood, California. I did energy, clearing and Feng Shui for all of their offices, and subdivisions and all of the land they purchased which was very extensive. This was very successful for them.

From 2000 to 2016, I did my Feng Shui process for many corporations and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also developed seven different Feng Shui classes, and taught them as seminars during this time, and this work was also very extensive.

From approximately 2003 to 2007, I gave 150 workshops in almost every real estate company in Northern California including Coldwell Banker and other large, corporate real estate companies.

These 150 Feng Shui workshops are the foundation of my business today. I interacted with at hundreds of realtors altogether and still work with many of them to this day.  I continue to have referrals from realtors who attended those classes. These referrals are also from California brokers who still refer me and recognize how beneficial my work is for the sale of properties especially when there are difficulties such as death or illness in a home, divorce, etc.

I had an issue with black mold in my house in California, which had affected my health tremendously and lost everything I owned in 2016.

I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona for one year. 

I work non-locally/at a distance, so the move never affected my business. It actually enhanced it.

I have lived in Sedona, Arizona since 2017.

Sedona Red Rocks

My business continues to flourish. One of the major reasons for this is that Sedona is known as a spiritual Mecca in our world and all of the work I do is spiritual and so it is highly supported here on an energetic level.

Today, and for the last 8 or 9  years, I have been doing mostly clearings from a distance and I have contractors who work with me. We do about 50 clearings, plus 10 or so chakra balancings a week. One contractor, who does the heavy duty work with clearings is Beverly and she lives in Walnut Creek California. And we have a lot of heavy duty clearings!  The other one is an acupuncturist in Oregon, Susan, who does the chakra balancings. All of our work is non-local/ at a distance. Both practitioners are absolutely amazing!!

I also give readings using a system called Destiny Cards that are incredibly accurate. I have developed a process called Clear to the Core when people choose a more extensive method of clearing to weed out core issues. Core issues usually develop in childhood from mild or severe trauma.  You can read the description of Clear to the Core on this website under services.

My expertise is in the movement of energy, and I work with individuals and businesses wishing to achieve new levels of success and good fortune by removing the blocks and releasing  accumulated negative energy.

All of my work is done at a distance, so I can work anywhere in the United States or for that matter anywhere in the world with tremendous success. Please look at my testimonials.

Underneath Every Real Estate Transaction Is An Energetic Component that can be “adjusted” in order to manifest the desired result of selling the property quickly and easily

40,000 Clearings and counting..