Clear To The CORE® Introduction

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Space and time are not separate but linked together to create a larger whole.

–the era of Albert Einstein

Clear To The Core® is an amazingly effective process of working with a person’s energy field at a distance to clear foundational trauma “clear to the core.”  It is with the above understanding of time and space that we have the potential to release long term chronic destructive patterns that undermine your daily life.

Clear To The Core® works to relieve past life and childhood trauma, repeated present time challenges, and trauma passed generation to generation. When healed and integrated, these now refined energetic patterns become able to assist the desired future you are creating rather than undermining your future by a destructive past you have no control over—and may not even remember.

Clearings have always begun by contacting the dissonant energy based on a troublesome present-day situation and encouraging resolution as I have done for so very long (19,000 clearings and counting). But now we are able to “drill down” and clear the “core energy” around the original source of the situation which always stems from a PAST unresolved core issue.  This original source could have begun in the womb or is generally experienced before the age of seven though sometimes later in adolescence.  A serious trauma may show up as an adult but its source usually originates from a much earlier time that may be completely unknown.

Examples of a present day troublesome situations may include:

  • unresolved anger
  • difficultly with authority
  • not being respected by peers
  • financial struggles
  • attracting difficult romantic/business partnerships
  • repeated breakups
  • anxiety
  • inability or unwillingness to fully embrace life,
  • unrealized dreams
  • inability to find one’s path
  • reaction verses response
  • overwhelm for no apparent reason, etc., etc, etc.

Energy has no age and knows no time. Whatever happened 50 years ago is still actively influencing your life if it not been acknowledged and integrated in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, most of us do not recognize this and see ourselves as the victim of repeated situations that seem to be out of our control. Instead, we are actually re-creating these experiences unconsciously in an attempt to find healing. We will continue to repeat the patterns as well as the decisions that create them until we create true resolution or make our transition.

Core issues can be described as foundational, self-destructive negative beliefs validated by repeated negative experiences that we unconsciously create in an attempt to experience healing and reconciliation of an unresolved childhood, past life or generational issue.

The source of core issues is generally childhood misunderstandings or trauma. The source can be real or perceived and may include:

  • abandonment
  • lack of love
  • familial denial 
  • abuse
  • misplaced trust
  • separation and dozens more.

This is because there is no way for a young child to reconcile or integrate the energy of a trauma or perceived trauma at the time it occurs.   Children, of course, do not have the life experience or wisdom to process their experiences. The past source may also be completely unknown and not remembered and as mentioned earlier, may have had its source in the womb or been passed generationally.

A single slight that occurs, even when it is not rational can leave a huge impact on a young child who is unable to process the perceived trauma. Often the parents are not aware of this unrealistic perception by the child and therefore unable to help with the perceived impact.

For example, family members may inadvertently leave a small child in the car, i.e., momentarily forgetting them.  It may only be a minute or ten minutes before a family member realizes “little Mary” is still in the back seat alone and forgotten. Feeling of abandonment may be experienced as she is inadvertently “left behind.”

Once the childhood trauma is acknowledged and energetically processed through the Clear To The Core® process, the victimization scenario has the potential to experience resolution. Once this happens, there is no longer a need to manifest the old pattern, which is and has always been an attempt to heal the issue at its source.

This dysfunctional energy needs and receives healing by the Clear To The Core® process and is done at a distance with your consent but without your immediate participation. I am in contact with you after each clearing as you share your dreams and insights experienced as a result of the distance energy clearing. You are invited to document insights and experiences as they occur.

Another very profound discovery available through Clear To The Core® Clearings is the opening of new opportunities and adventures, excitement and peace and joy that were blocked by the trauma and resultant dysfunction. It is as if a door that was shut is now open and life becomes full again.

Clear To The Core® is comprised of three major components, three sets of three clearings (nine clearings total) or sometimes four sets of three clearings. Each component is called a “set.” The first set includes three general clearings done over a seven day period directed at the present-time difficulty so that one’s energy field can be “cleared” before going deeper. 

Before I do the second set of clearings we do a chakra balancing for you (from a distance). This creates a much clearer space in preparation for the second and third set of clearings. This has become an outstanding new tool in Clear To The Core®.

The second set of clearings focuses on the energy of the early trauma, whether it is known or unknown.  After EACH of these clearings I do a special process called a “Storyline” with the energy at a very deep level. This Storyline shows me the state of the discord.

The third set of clearings continues to go deeper into the discord. The Storylines tell me where the energy is and tells me the level of healing the energy has experienced. It usually takes two sets of three clearings directed at the childhood energy to get a “clear” result.  The final Storyline reveals images and scenarios that CLEARLY reveal completion for which the client needs to consciously contribute to the shift in their perception of themselves and their world to match the new vibration.

In more difficult cases a fourth set is sometimes needed or requested.  Clients to date have had unusually powerful dreams and inner messages as their deepest core respond to the healing process.  Also, auspicious synchronicities manifest from the Storylines along with client’s experiences offering amazing insights never before experienced.

Clear To The Core® has also identified GENERATIONAL ABUSE as a huge opening for healing past, present and future generations of trauma as abusive family behavior stemming back two or three (or more) generations affects behavior in present-time family dynamics. This is a global issue.  The discordant behavior we carry threatens to contaminate future generations unless healing takes place in the NOW.

The NOW contains all time lines through the non-local aspects of the space time continuum. The past is not stored but always accessible from the “holographic” aspects of the NOW in which I work. Clear To The Core® heals the energetic past so that new possibilities surface and are intentionally chosen to create new trajectories toward healthy, compassionate family interactions and behaviors.

The clearings, experiences and insights generate a whole new level of communication and healing by releasing a host of discordant energies deep within which are reflected in your day-to-day experiences. The energy that once was discordant becomes coherent and supportive in the NOW creating new, more conscious lifestyle and healing experiences!

New behaviors, relationships and opportunities spring forward as one allows and participates in the unfolding of the energetic clearing. Your life now begins to unfold in alignment with your true potential revealing a once hidden purpose and destiny!

You are now truly “on your own” along with a far better connection with your inner guidance!


 Peace and Love

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