We Are One

We Are One

As we begin to experience the new energetic transformation that is now underway on our planet, we are being called to release the ancient emotional and behavior imprints that have become outdated so that we have room to fully receive our new vibration in 2021 and beyond. These ancient imprints served us at one point in our evolution but they no longer do so. They are part of an old scaffolding of belief system that now limit us because they maintain the illusion that we are separate from one another and their bias is ego-centric.

These outdated beliefs systems are based on self-serving patterns and habits that create limitations that are no longer viable in our evolving consciousness which is engendered by justice, equality and compassion for each other. Continuing to hold onto the old individualistic and egoic constructs cause much of our present suffering because they and are founded on and continue to generate a reality that has its foothold in judgment, separation, fear and racism.

J.Hamilton of COREresonance.com wrote in his 2015 article “Redefining Our Inner Dialogue”, that man-made reality is held together by the “cheapest of glues” because our prevailing patterns and habits of thinking include fear and doubt, reactionary posturing, manipulation, resistance, etc. at their very foundation.

At this present time, we are at the threshold of creating significant and present-day solutions that are of a much higher vibration and are in resonance with the imminent expansion of consciousness that is becoming the bedrock of our blossoming New World. The New World we are creating respectfully recognizes that we are living in a unified vibrational field. We are ONE with each other and ONE with everything on our planet and in the Cosmos. The “gap” between you and I becomes the entryway to a unified shared experience that will lead us to a compassionate and just global Reality. It is your ability to recognize and acknowledge this gap that reveals your belief in global Oneness.

Many Quantum Physicists believe our Unified Field has its origin from the Big Bang Theory where billions of years ago all of reality was compressed into a single pea-size space.  Then came a point when it exploded causing the creation of our present world and Cosmos which is now and forever ONE. It is this increasing awareness of Oneness that allows us to recognize our unified reality and it is our experience of the “gap,” otherwise known as Presence that calls us to merge with it.

According to astrologer Chani Nicholas, we are at this very moment in history in the midst of a global reset thanks to the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. We are beginning a new 200-year cycle, as well as a smaller cycle that will continue until 2027 and propels us forward in our evolution as a species toward Ascension.

The Saturn Uranus conjunction which lasts the entirety of 2021 is all about upheaval, transformational change and rebellion that will assist us on this path toward rectifying our outdated belief systems. The emotional and behavioral structures we have been living in are archaic and there’s a Cosmic window of dramatic change that has a powerful beginning happening right now!

We are learning to recognize our collective power and the power of not relying on a system, but rather relying on each other in an alliance with Nature and the Divine.  Together we welcome the amazing New World of 2021 and each of us has to find the pledge within ourselves to release the old so that the new can make a successful entrance and humanity can flourish on our planet.  So the new can break down the barriers and limitations of the cheap glue that has held us together for so long and is now converting into a coherent resonance of compassion and justice that supports global UNITY!

In God’s Light,
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.