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Welcome to my website! I love to help people take better advantage of opportunities and possibilities. Most of us are not too familiar with energy, particularly the dissonant type energy and this is where I can help you. We collect dissonant energy when we are around certain people, visit homes or buildings with difficult energy or interact with difficult circumstances. It builds up over time

For example, I have a client traveling in Italy and visiting the ancient subterranean catacombs. Because she is always clear, she immediately realized she picked up something in the catacombs and had to be cleared half way across the planet. Because I do all of my work at a distance, “across the street” and “across the planet” are no different. We cleared her with little more than a phone call! (You do not have to be present or on the phone to be cleared.)

To better understand what I do, please visit my testimonials page to learn more.

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Five Clearings For The Price Of Four!

It is finally time to announce 5 for 4! For some of my high volume clients, I’ve offered 5 Clearings for the price of 4 (not applicable to sales). The Clearings can be used all at one time, gifted or used as situations come up. Feel free to give 5 for 4 a try. You’ll love having Clearing credits to be used when something occurs to you that you need cleared and it is already paid for!

We Offer Several Different Clearings

The Personal Prosperity Clearing is designed to assist in creating greater abundance by releasing negative blocks in your energy field that do not serve you. The Clearing is designed to specifically assist the negative, challenging and stuck energy to transform to a higher vibration and release. This allows “openings” for new opportunities to create more income, more abundance and new flow in your life. The Personal Prosperity Clearing always includes a Coherence Map (reading) which identifies the distortions that need to be cleared. Heart-felt intentions manifest like never before! The process is VERY effective. 

Real Estate Clearings (generally for realtors or sellers) are the perfect solution for properties that just won’t sell, even though “the price is right and the house looks great.” I clear from a distance and I can work anywhere in the world. Historical issues on the land, divorce, financial and legal issues, death or illness that create negative energy fields are some of the concepts that are released with my Real Estate Clearing. Once the house is clear, it attracts the perfect buyer! I have cleared thousands of homes and I’ve had tremendous success with this process!

Historical Clearings are a product of destructive energy in the ground or entanglements within a building or property that interfere with the highest intention and potential to express. There could be an issue from native American abuse or similar to a client in Ohio, unresolved energetic issues from the Civil War. Once the energies reconcile, the property blossoms and the intention unfolds. Construction and remodeling issues resolve into ease and completion and the property becomes neutral for its highest possibility.

Negotiations or Business Deals have continually benefited by releasing negative energy blocking the completion of projects. Sometimes the difficulty is delivered unconsciously by the individual parties; sometimes the energetic difficulty is a mix of a number of factors. Once a negotiation is blocked or slowed because of an energetic distortion, an energetic Clearing can deliver an ease and unfolding that often defies explanation. Many factors influence business deals. Learn to take advantage of a cleared negotiation and reap a lucrative resolution!

“What’s Around the Corner” Readings Special tell you what’s happening to you around Love, Money, Health and Career. This is a very special opportunity for a $225 reading for $99.The reading is one hour and uses astrology and numerology as well as the Destiny Cards, intuitive insight, etc. The reading includes two relationship reports which can be extremely valuable in one’s personal life or for a business strategy! You will receive a report once the reading is complete. This system is amazingly accurate! $99

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17,500 Clearings and counting..

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