Shifting Our Attention From Survival to Awakening

Shifting Our Attention From Survival to Awakening

Shifting Our Attention From Survival to Awakening

When the focus of our lives becomes how to avoid disease rather than how to live in a healthy way; how to create new weapons to protect ourselves rather than how to live in a peaceful world …then our journey has become one of survival. There is no joy or advancement in a perspective that creates a reality based on survival.

It is our task to find our internal power and discover who we are intended to be individually and globally. To discover our true destiny.

Discovery of our innate connection to everything around us gives rise to a different kind of survival that as a species we may have forgotten is available to us. When our “survival” becomes rooted in compassionate wisdom, we then know we are evolving as a species.

As we raise our vibration by maintaining positive thoughts and expectations during this time of Awakening, we begin to discover this evolving wisdom within. This simple shift of focus can assist us to become an Ascended planet where humanity has placed its attention on compassion and justice instead of ways to protect ourselves from anger and injustice.

This shift of focus and attention will accelerate the manifestation of our New Fifth Dimensional World.

According to the technology of the third dimensional western science and medicine we are separate beings…. our hands are separate from our heart, our ears from our kidneys and certainly we are individually separate from each other, the world and nature around us. As the West is slowly accepting the concept of holistic medicine, or functional medicine we begin to recognize this oneness within our body. This internal holistic awareness honors our connection to each other, with our environment…. and with the forests, waterways and animals that dwell with us on Earth.

It is all connected through the Field. All of the ancient sciences like Shamanism or Traditional Chinese Medicine are founded on this concept of Oneness. In these ancient traditions this holistic premise established a connection with the Universe through intuition and meditation.

In Shamanism the only known disease is separation from Nature causing a variety of symptoms. Is that not true for all of us as well?

Quantum Physics explores the characteristics of the minuscule world that is the energetic foundation of everything including ourselves. Exploration of that world through super microscopes reveals new insights about previously unknown dynamics and laws of nature. What we might consider to be miraculous from a third dimensional perspective, can actually manifest as a completely natural function of nature. When we understand this wisdom it can benefit our lives. These super microscopes allow us the see the minuscule inner world that is at the foundation of everything including ourselves and view the miracles available in the natural laws of nature that were previously declared to be impossible. One of these natural laws is that focus and observation has the potential to change reality.

Positive outcome only requires that we put focus on the unwavering belief that our present planetary shift is creating the manifestation of a new and more compassionate world. When our attention and recognition of our ability to manifest is placed on a world of peace and compassion rather than on survival and protection from an outer aggressor we are activating the establishment of a New World with compassion and justice at its foundation.

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield M.A.

The painting by Alexis is activating Divine Wisdom on our planet. In Feng Shui royal blue is the color that represents the vibration of wisdom.