073 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

You have all received a text from me with a painting on it that I did. 

When I do these paintings I always set an intention. The paintings are more a communication with the Divine, the collective unconscious and my own unconscious. 

This intention was:  “What should I do now for planetary healing?” 

While I’m painting I turn the picture counterclockwise or clockwise over and over again so I never know what I’m painting until I’m done! 

In relationship to the question I asked “what I was supposed to do now?”…I see in it an image of a negative force directed toward Earth. 

Can you see it? 

Energy attracts it’s like… There are many, many, many wonderful aspects and people on this beautiful planet but there is also a great deal of manipulation, greed, control, racism and apathy to mention a few injustices, that also prevail here. These energies attract similar negative energies and this is one way to observe what is happening right now.  

All energy has consciousness and all energy has the ability to make a choice to transmute into a higher vibration. After 25,000 clearings this is an absolute fact in my mind. 

In the clearings that Beverly and I do… 

We give energy an opportunity to elevate to a higher vibration… It will always choose the high road. We entice it with love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Something we all relate to! 

When we first start a clearing, the energy is like a tiger tearing a man apart. When the clearing is complete the exact same energy is like a butterfly landing on a flower…. and again…it is exactly the same energy! The energy has chosen a higher vibration through our compassionate process. 

There isn’t any reason why 10 determined and faith and power-filled women, one powerful loving man and a very unique dog representing the animal kingdom ….can’t deter… as well as assist this negative energy that we have attracted to transform into a higher vibration… Into the Fifth Dimensional Energy of compassion, justice and equality. 

Power is just power and we want that power to be supportive and serving us rather than harming us and causing destruction. That takes a vibrational shift… That can happen in a blink of an eye!


In God’s Light



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