Playback Instructions  for Universal Prayer For Healing
by Alexis Summerfield

Playback number:  (978) 990-5099

Access code:   547108#

Note: The playback number is different from the conference dial-in number.

When participants call into the recording playback number (978 990-5099), they will be prompted to enter the access code (547108#)
They will then enter the reference number for a specific recording.

The reference number of each recording is provided to you by Alexis via text messaging. Check your text messaging first,
but if you don't have the number contact Alexis by text.

Once confirmed, the system will play back the recorded conference. During playback, the user can scroll forward or backwards through the recorded conference using phone keypad commands:

4Rewind one minutePress 4 to rewind one minute.
5Pause/ResumePress 5 to pause, press 5 again to resume.
6Fast forward one minutePress 6 to fast forward one minute.