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21,000 Clearings and Counting

1 – 10      If the situation is rated 1 – 10 the cost of a clearing is $225
I have been doing clearings for 25 years. My prices have not changed in the last fifteen years. I rate clearings on a scale of 1 – 14. The scale of energetic misalignment (and the price) is established once I go in to check the situation.

11 – 13     If the situation is rated 11 – 13 the cost of a clearing is $225 + $75 = $300
If the situation is over a 10, my colleague (who I hire to do the heavy lifting so to speak) is enlisted to clear the more seriously misaligned energy (additional $75) which brings the situation down to a 10 so that I can then finish the clearing, bringing it down to neutral. A report is issued 24 hours after the clearing is settled. The $75 charge it is not known until the process is begun. I pay the $75 directly to my colleague.

14     If the situation is rated 14, the cost of a clearing is $225 + $75 = $300 + $150 = $450
Once I begin the process (meet up with the energy) is when the score (1 – 14) is determined. If the situation is a 14, a single clearing ($225 + $75) can only bring the situation down to a 12 or 13. While a 12/13 is far better than a 14, a 14 cannot be reduced to neutral with a single clearing. A 14 then becomes a two-step process to get to neutral for which I offer the 2nd clearing at half-price. A report is issued 24 hours after the first clearing has settled appraising the client of what was found with the suggestion of a 2nd clearing to bring the situation to neutral.

The optional 2nd clearing ($150 total–half to partner and half to me) clears the situation a second time to support the client to get the situation to neutral. The 2nd clearing should be done immediately, or within a week of the first clearing.

A 14 is truly a very difficult energetic. A 14 expresses as physical abnormalities and symptomology, extreme bad luck or misfortune, etc. 14’s are very destructive and influence reality in a very distorted manner. Clearing a 14 to a 12—13 is a bigger improvement than a 12—13 to neutral but the two-step process brings a very significant shift for the client. Opportunity and good fortune begins to flow again!

Note: In years past, with an average of 1,200 clearings a year, I only found about 60 14’s per year. As of 2017, I’ve seen a massive upswing in 14’s. 2017 produced in excess of 600 14’s! It is thought that the breakdown of society, the misdirection caused by so many dysfunctional influences has generated a massive overload felt by everyone. It is thought the above contributes to the influx of destructive 14 energetics.

Presently (2019), I do approximately 2,300 clearing a year. A significant number of testimonials can be reviewed here.

As a side note, please consider documenting your experience even if just for yourself. Documenting what you have experienced contributes to the awareness of your experience. Sharing your experience with me helps me help others.

Hopefully, nobody is ever a 15. I have seen maybe 3 in 25 years. Something is very, very out of sync. A 15 is very, very (very) serious.

I recommend a Destiny Card reading prior to clearing to enhance the clearing experience. Readings are an hour and provide a massive insight into the situation.