Clearings are for home, office, personal release or for situations to generate success and opportunity. I do not remove negative energy but rather I assist in moving the energy to a higher vibration so that it supports rather than causes difficulties.

Services | Ceremonies

Ceremonies: $300

During these ceremonies, I offer Corn and Tobacco to the Four Directions and to Father Sky and Mother Earth. Because I live in beautiful spiritual Sedona, Arizona, I do the ceremonies up in the red rocks and make my offering for whatever intention someone would like.

Your intention could be for abundance, new love, more business, good heath, etc.

Once the Corn and Tobacco Ceremony is completed, I draw a card and send a picture of the card with an explanation of the result… thus a communication and resonance between you and the Universe is created.

Just a few comments from happy clients:

I recently contacted Alexis because I was having bad luck and nothing was going my way.  I applied for jobs, but got no response.  I sent my film to a guy to do the music and he never responded back to me.  I missed classes and appointments and that’s unlike me.  Alexis came to my house and told me what to do to fix things to move the energy.  She also did a feng shui ceremony at my house.  Right after she left my house, I checked my e-mail and the guy who was supposed to do my music for my film finally responded and sent me the film with the music!  I was so surprised!  Does feng shui work that fast?  A few days later, I found out that the job I interviewed for (they originally went with another candidate ) called me and told me that the guy didn’t work out and they wanted me for the job!  Oh my gosh!  I was so surprised to hear this!  All this happened less than a week!  Amazing.  I just can’t believe my eyes!  Alexis is the real deal! — Kare V. Concord, CA

My goal is to be the top producer in the country in my chosen field. I’ve recently discovered using Alexis’ relationship reports to gauge potential hires. Her relationship reports for business relationships have proved to be extremely helpful in the hiring process! Alexis’ relationship reports have now become a key component of my hiring process. Her reports are a “secret ingredient” I use to assess new hires and their compatibility with me and my team goals. Her work is incredibly valuable! I am amazed at the accuracy and have been proven right every time. Alexis is a “secret ingredient” to success! — AS, Oakland CA

With my life in disarray and little to no work for months my wife asked me to move out. Period. And in our first day of counseling she told me about a circumstance from two years earlier. Heartbroken, I attracted Alexis to share her work with me. She cleared extreme heavy energy and other things from my field. She then instilled compassion, cooperation, abundance etc.  Since that clearing I’ve had people come up to me at Chipotle or Whole Foods (for example), ask about me and listen as I share my work (Body Magic) with them. Just today I was adjusting a new client at the park and three people asked if they could slide onto my table to get what they saw the other person receive. Also with additional clearings from Alexis, suddenly my wife is opening up her heart to me and sharing her deepest feelings. She now wants to start talking and I am ecstatic. All the while, extreme coincidences are happening in my life as evidence of my newfound clarity and peace. I’m so grateful for Alexis’s work.  –DMH, Sedona, Arizona

Alexis Summerfield’s mastery of Feng Shui has produced excellent results for our annual Vedic Conference attendance as well as attracting amazing staff for our event.. She brought a new level of flow and  synchronicity to putting this event together. She is an excellent  resource!  There was a wonderful difference in the energy of the conference this year!  In Gratitude. — Dennis M. Harness, Ph. D., Sedona Vedic Conference 25th Year!, Sedona, Arizona