Clear to the Core

Clear To The CORE® is an amazingly effective process of working with a person’s energy field at a distance to clear foundational trauma “clear to the core.”  It is with the above understanding of time and space that we have the potential to release long term chronic destructive patterns that undermine your daily life.

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Clear To The CORE®

Clear To The CORE® is an amazingly effective process of working with a person’s energy field at a distance to clear foundational trauma “clear to the core.”  It is with the above understanding of time and space that we have the potential to release long term chronic destructive patterns that undermine your daily life.

Dive deep into the source of your energetic difficulties to clear for once and for all, deep seated trauma that may very well not be your own. Generational trauma (also passed forward) founded in our family lineage, past life, womb or early age trauma for which we had no capacity to process can be cleared to become supportive energy!

Three sets of three clearings with Storylines delivers energetic healing guided by the energy’s willingness itself to transform itself delivers results heretofore available.


We Just Started Using The Term “Generational Abuse”…

to better understand the possibilities of Clear To The Core® Clearings (CCC). We all carry trauma whether it is from this lifetime or past, or passed to us through our DNA or other ancestral information. Worse, we inadvertently pass this information to the next generation without our knowledge! A great deal of the difficulty we are experiencing, or our loves ones are experiencing, is a product of “energetic patterns” that seem to be beyond our control!

We Are Now Offering A Mechanism (CCC) To Dive Deeply…

into the source of “held” trauma generally acquired at birth, before birth, or by the age 6 or 7 that powerfully influences our lives. Clear To The Core® “drills down” to the core energy through a series of 9 or 12 clearings, interfaces with the energy through “Storylines” which allows the energy to transition upward and outward and generate massive change in people’s lives. This might even include releasing the source of dis-ease.

One Of Our New Big Awarenesses Is…

that once this foundational dissonant energy is released to move on to becoming functional and supportive energy, roadblocks disappear, resistance disappears and a whole wide world opens up! This is similar to a series of doors opening up that represent expansive opportunities that were otherwise “closed” and unavailable.

Clear To The Core® goes to the absolute core of the situation releasing:

• overwhelm
• continual repeating of an issue that creates victimization
• leaky boundaries
• reaction rather than response
• unrealized dreams
• unresolved issues creating unhappiness

Along with Clear To The Core®, I am offering maintenance programs that will help maintain your Clearings while transitioning your life to your next iteration of freedom and power!

How does a Clear to the Core® clearing work?

We Begin With A First Set Of Three Clearings around the main present issue. Then we begin a dive into the source of the issue with the second set of three clearings, along with three Storylines delving into the childhood experiences, for which the energy guides the way. We do Storylines which is the energy directly communicating and telling us of our progress. We do a third set of three CCCs (along with Storylines) to deliver a finished experience.

This Is An Example Of The Third Set Of Storylines… which generally gives us a finished experience, as it did in this case:

#1st Storyline of 3rd Set.

Large deep horizontal hole or cave with spiderweb in front of it.

#2nd Storyline of 3rd Set.

Tarzan, swing through the trees, turns into a black lump, falls into a pit of snakes.

#3rd Storyline of 3rd Set.

There’s a race car going on the race track… A lot of speed and sound of speed. The driver wins! The driver steps out and the car explodes. No one is hurt. The driver wins a trophy. A new car is brought forward. Red and shiny and the driver drives off in it.

We Sometimes Do A Fourth Set Of Three Clearings but that means we are on to something extremely big. We do the 4th Set of three clearings along with three more Storylines to go to the absolute core of very difficult situations.

Global Phenomenon

A client asked for “more and more” and Clear To The Core® was inextricably born.. And took off like wildfire! With our new perspective, we’ve discovered a global phenom-enon of a new style of clearing “to the core” just emerging. People are taking it upon themselves to find answers to their idiosyncrasies and solving their own problems, so to speak. It’s a new kind of empowerment!

Be that Blossom!
Filled w/ Light & Clear to the Core!

After all, we are more than our bodies, brains and minds! The only way to release today’s issues and problems is to go back and find the source at its “very core.” This is usually found in childhood. Talk therapy doesn’t work!

It’s a global understanding and the method I’ve devised is profound because we clear the actual childhood experience without trying to re-live it… Next time it occurs to you that you have a deeply held pattern or habit that undermines your forward movement, please give me a call to see if I can be of assistance.

Just a few comments from happy clients:

Who would have ever guessed that my Jewish heritage which I don’t practice could be underneath my sense of lack of self worth. Who could ever guess that the Holocaust carried in my genes was subtly (or not so subtly) influencing my life and activities and sense of self and and worth and outcomes?

Moses came to Alexis in a Storyline (she didn’t know I was Jewish) and the whole negative issue I had been carrying my whole life unfolded. Life is already so very much different! I feel happiness and joy and the heaviness I could never explain is out in the open and is healing.

I would strongly recommend for anyone shrugging with personal issues to seek out the counsel of Alexis Summerfield. I am thankful to be one of Alexis’ earliest clients in her Clear To The Core Clearings program!

After my first clearing with Alexis the song by Johnny Nash came to mind…..

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.”

Thanking you ever so much! – Ellie, Arizona

I have spent most of my life in unhealthy relationships and have always attracted men who were losers and emotionally abusive. I never communicated what my personal boundaries were with strangers, coworkers, friends, partners and even my family. I desperately wanted to change this habit of allowing everyone to take advantage of me, but didn’t know where to start. And I was tired of constantly going unnoticed by the type of men that I actually wanted to attract into my life.

During my second set of clearings, I suddenly became aware of how I shut down and close myself off the second someone violates one of my boundaries. I realize that this is my 11 year old victim-self taking over. Now I am much quicker to notice when someone is crossing a line and am working on standing up for myself instead of closing myself off. Now I am getting attention from the type of men that I have always longed to be noticed by! I will continue to let you know how things go! – Heather


I am a long time client of Alexis and I have had several Clear To The Core® rebirths!

The first one was for recurring work issues. The same issue would occur year after year until I realized this could be brought to light and cleared. After several clearings Alexis “fixed” this. I have now been clear of this issue for 3 years! This became the earliest “precursor” to Clear To The Core®.

Recently, Alexis did an extensive series of clearings around my romantic life. I had been stuck in a toxic relationship for 10 years with no solution in sight. After many clearings the truth was brought to light. I am now free!! This was the original set of clearings that became Clear To The Core®!

In a similar time frame, we had an emergency that required multiple clearings because of an unannounced audit around my company’s business. Alexis cleared the core root of failing “every” audit but the audit failed again!! After a frantic series of clearings to get down to the core of the issue, the audit was overturned after 1 week to everyone’s incredible surprise!! This was truly a miracle! So we passed and we will never fail again! – Janice, Northern California