Clear to the Core Maintenance

Clearings are for home, office, personal release or for situations to generate success and opportunity. I do not remove negative energy but rather I assist in moving the energy to a higher vibration so that it supports rather than causes difficulties.

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Maintenance for Clear To The Core®

Along with Clear To The Core®, I am offering maintenance programs that will help maintain your Clearings while transitioning your life to your next iteration of freedom and power!

Thirty Minute Consultations

I will be offering a monthly half-hour phone consultation with the intention of reviewing your progress and helping you to stay on track as the Clear To The Core® Clearings set in. After all, as you go back to your world, there are a lot of old energetic patterns and habits to navigate. The monthly half-hour consultation is $150. We can do one-hour consultations if you wish.

We will look at your Destiny Cards chart for this time period to see how that information can contribute to your journey forward.

Along with the above consultation, there is the option to do a Clearing at my usual price and a Storyline for an additional $100 if you wish. A Storyline can only be done after a clearing is complete (neutral) and of course, offers amazing insights. Storylines (from the energy’s perspective) tell us where you are on your energetic path!

Personalized Homeopathy Remedy System

We will also be offering a unique method of homeopathic therapy to allow you to create a very personalized energetic remedy to assist you in activating and holding completed healings around your Clear To The Core® issue.

With Clear To The Core®, we have identified your core issue, i.e., abandonment, lack of self-worth, not being heard, victimization, poor boundaries, etc. We then drill deeply to the foundation of the energetic issue and “clear it to the core!” Homeopathy is then introduced as a support mechanism to help you hold the new energetic patterns as you go forward. After all, you are awash in other people’s energetic patterns and habits and need support to maintain your own newfound center. Maintaining your clarity is our highest goal.

The basic understanding behind homeopathy is a remedy that says “like cures like.” A remedy is a very small dose of the affliction that can effectively treat the actual affliction. Therefore an emotional “symptom” in a very small dose can effectively treat an emotional symptom. The homeopathic remedy is meant to trigger the body‘s natural defenses by introducing a “speck” of the physical or emotional symptomology similar to a catalyst. This system works exceptionally well on emotional energetics.

The essence of your personalized homeopathic remedy, around poor boundaries for example, heals boundary issues and allows you to hold your Clear To The Core® Clearings in the face of outside boundary challenges. Similarly said, the essence of the lack of self-worth, supports challenges around self-worth issues as you go out into the world. You might spray it each morning and each evening, or whenever you feel out of balance.

Jana Shiloh, M.A. has joined our team effort to deliver Clear To The Core® . Jana has been a homoeopathist for over 35 years and created a system that allows you to activate your own personalized essence to be used in support of your clearings for holding the level of healing you have achieved.

Jana has a practice in Sedona, Arizona and can work either in person, on the phone, or Skype. Her process will help you create your own unique remedy based on your own personal vibration in relationship to whatever the core issue is. You can use it daily to continue to heal your core vibration.

I will initiate the process with you and will consult with you after your introduction to Jana’s work. $250

Alexis Summerfield Homeopathic Remedy Testimonial

“I am doing a third set of Clear To The Core® Clearings for myself around “not being heard”. “Not being heard” had to do with being molested when I was six years old by two young male babysitters. When I told my mother what happened afterward, she chose not to believe me, denying the experience her entire life. It is assumed she did this because she was unwilling to accept responsibility for hiring baby sitters she didn’t know so she could go to a party.

As in all core issues, this failure of my mother to acknowledge what occurred created negative repercussions throughout my entire life.

When I did the Storyline for the first Clearing in the third set, the image was a squadron of airplanes, and people and towns being bombed etc. It felt like the energy of World War ll. These kinds of war images indicate the energy was a 13 or 14.
I sprayed myself with my personal homeopathic remedy and then I did the Storyline again to see if it would make a difference. I was absolutely astounded!!
In my new Storyline…

Scene 1 “I saw some kind of old time ball or dance. It seemed to take place in a castle. It felt like England around the 1800s. I hear a baby cry and the mother left the ball to go upstairs to care for the baby.

Scene 2 The baby is black from plague. A sense of rats and bubonic plague filled the image. The mother picks up the baby and when she does the baby is healed! She is perfect again!

Scene 3 The Storyline took me back in time and saw the home I grew up in. My mother made a different choice. She did not leave me with two young male babysitters whom she had never before seen.

Instead, she did not go to the party and stayed home with me as a family. The molestation never happened!

I’ve never had a Storyline generate an alternate outcome, i.e., create a new timeline from the inception of the problem. Deep into the Clearing process, with the help of a remedy from my own subtle energy field of information, I was able to create a new possibility going forward. With the help of the homeopathic remedy, I recreated a timeline for which the outcome becomes quite different. This is a representation of a highly regarded and accepted theory in quantum physics.”

How does a Clear to the Core® clearing work?

We Begin With A First Set Of Three Clearings around the main present issue. Then we begin a dive into the source of the issue with the second set of three clearings, along with three Storylines delving into the childhood experiences, for which the energy guides the way. We do Storylines which is the energy directly communicating and telling us of our progress. We do a third set of three CCCs (along with Storylines) to deliver a finished experience.

NEW Clear To The Core® with Biomagnetism through Bioenergetics (CCCBB)

We will also be offering an additional component to Clear To The Core® called Biomagnetism through Bioenergetics (CCCBB?) by which we interface “at a distance” with physical body symptomology to release energetic components that influence health. For example, in working with a rapidly degenerating client’s 80 year old mother, we “found” a “defective” chromosome and by “clearing it,” the chromosome reversed itself and became normal.

It turned out this chromosome is said to be responsible for ALS and it appears this patient’s ALS has abated. Massive transformation and new believers–one and all!

Just a few comments from happy clients:

This is incredible!!!!!!! I honestly feel like an open vessel!  Not at all weighted down as I have felt in the past. I am also handling old relationships with new and much stronger boundaries which feels amazing.  I am no where near as stressed in work issues.  I did not realize before that my perfectionism had it’s foundation in lack of worth from childhood. I have moved from reaction to clarity and self recognition at work.  What a relief!! – GS, San Francisco

I have spent most of my life in unhealthy relationships and have always attracted men who were losers and emotionally abusive. I never communicated what my personal boundaries were with strangers, coworkers, friends, partners and even my family. I desperately wanted to change this habit of allowing everyone to take advantage of me, but didn’t know where to start. And I was tired of constantly going unnoticed by the type of men that I actually wanted to attract into my life.

During my second set of clearings, I suddenly became aware of how I shut down and close myself off the second someone violates one of my boundaries. I realize that this is my 11 year old victim-self taking over. Now I am much quicker to notice when someone is crossing a line and am working on standing up for myself instead of closing myself off. Now I am getting attention from the type of men that I have always longed to be noticed by! I will continue to let you know how things go! – Heather


I am a long time client of Alexis and I have had several Clear To The Core® rebirths!

The first one was for recurring work issues. The same issue would occur year after year until I realized this could be brought to light and cleared. After several clearings Alexis “fixed” this. I have now been clear of this issue for 3 years! This became the earliest “precursor” to Clear To The Core®.

Recently, Alexis did an extensive series of clearings around my romantic life. I had been stuck in a toxic relationship for 10 years with no solution in sight. After many clearings the truth was brought to light. I am now free!! This was the original set of clearings that became Clear To The Core®!

In a similar time frame, we had an emergency that required multiple clearings because of an unannounced audit around my company’s business. Alexis cleared the core root of failing “every” audit but the audit failed again!! After a frantic series of clearings to get down to the core of the issue, the audit was overturned after 1 week to everyone’s incredible surprise!! This was truly a miracle! So we passed and we will never fail again! – Janice, Northern California