Energy Clearings

Clearings are for home, office, personal release or for situations to generate success and opportunity. I do not remove negative energy but rather I assist in moving the energy to a higher vibration so that it supports rather than causes difficulties.

Services| Energy Clearings

Clearings $225*

Clearings enhance people’s lives, increase business, and generate newfound opportunity and good fortune.  Clearings also generate an open space for resonance with a higher supportive vibration to take place allowing forward movement in one’s business, relationships, and life.

Energy can become dissonant/stagnant when there are unresolved issues on the land, at one’s location (business or home) or in one’s personal energy field.  This is generally caused by historical issues or present time trauma, legal battles, divorce, serious illness, death, etc. Energy knows no time line. Much of the troublesome energetic discord in need of clearing is caused by negative emotions and their resulting actions, past or present attracting misfortune.

Please call me for more information… being CLEAR and living and working in a clear space can create success and prosperity as well as good health and opportunity to manifest your intentions!

*additional charges for excess negative energy. See pricing chart for details. 

Just a few comments from happy clients:

“Ever since Alexis cleared some blockage in my energy field with a second prosperity clearing, all kinds of financial blessings have been pouring in. The unexpected abundance is very welcome and accepted with joyous gratitude. Business has escalated to the wild side while the process became effortless. Earning more in one week than I have ever earned in any 3 month period has been a welcome reprieve from the “scraping to make ends meet” at the end of every month. Now, the first week’s cash flow exceeds all the income I need to sustain a wonderful standard of living for a month. Because of my new cash flow, I relish the freedom that allows the rest of my month to unfold in grace and synchronicity! Lots of Love and blessings,” J.P., Santa Barbara, CA

“We had been trying to buy our house for almost a year and it seemed that it was fated never to close, as we encountered obstacle after obstacle. I had almost given up hope when I met Alexis and she suggested “clearing” to me. We had to clear myself, my boyfriend and the house itself – and we were all at a 14! But in the end it worked. I am so relieved and grateful. I have been struggling with this house for the past seven years, and we can finally turn the corner and face a much more fortunate and blessed future. I don’t know how it works, but I know that it works!” — MB, Southern CA

“I had Alexis clear my office and once the clearing was finished I received 5 new transactions AND I received a huge bouquet of flowers from a client that same day! Ever since the clearing was completed I’ve experienced nonstop phone calls, clients walking into my office with work…. This is absolutely a dream come true! It’s so unbelievable how quickly the results happened!! Alexis, thank you so very much!” — T.S., South Bay, CA

“I’ve felt so much better since you cleared me on Friday. I’m feeling light, positive, clear, happy and very productive! Your work speaks for itself! I would like for you to go ahead and clear my husband. After I told my parents about the clearing I did on their home in preparation to sell it, they have already had improvement! They had two showings this weekend in addition to an open house. They would also like to have themselves cleared! Wonderful!” — H.J., Northern CA

“After a personal clearing and house clearing, I was offered a new job and higher position without having to look for it. They offered me almost double my current income and I’ll only work 4 days a week out of choice. My new employer said to take a little time off before starting so I can fully close one door and open another. I’m so grateful to Alexis and the awesome service she provides!” — L.A., Sedona, AZ