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Feng Shui (includes consultation and a ceremony)

I offer Feng Shui consultations and ceremonies. They can be done on site, by Skype, or email or on the phone.

The consultation involves placing the Bagua, which is a 4000 year old energetic template, on a location. The template shows where you need to put activators, colors, and elements to attract universal life force in order for your location to fully support your intentions.

The consultation is the activation once the template is set up by color, element, and activators. As I use mantras, we state the intention you have for your life and career, wealth, love, health etc. It is an immensely powerful ancient ritual!

Just a few comments from happy clients:

“Alexis is worth her weight in gold! I have used Alexis and her services for years both personally and professionally. Time and time again, she never ceases to amaze me with her abilities. Every time I get a business clearing, deals come together. Every time I get my listings cleared, they sell. I have become a true believer in Feng Shui due to the wonderful results of this cherished lady and her well honed craft. The first time I used her services was on a house that had sold and fallen out of contract three times. I was actually desperate and figured, what do I have to lose. When Alexis started the clearing, she told me what the bad energy in the house was without even knowing any background. She told me the family energy was very bad and was the problem. In this home (which was vacant and staged) there was a bunch of family turmoil and adult siblings battling. Alexis cleared it and told me that I would have it sold in three days. Three days later it was sold and closed a few weeks later. I was a skeptical believer but very curious. She continued to produce the same results especially on challenging homes and had the same confounding knowledge of the bad energy in each situation. I swear by her abilities and highly recommend her to anyone with home sales and most definitely with personal clearings.” — Keith Walker, Intero Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway) , Saratoga, CA

“Alexis Summerfield’s mastery of Feng Shui has produced excellent results for our annual Vedic Conference attendance as well as attracting amazing staff for our event.. She brought a new level of flow and  synchronicity to putting this event together. She is an excellent  resource!  There was a wonderful difference in the energy of the conference this year!  In Gratitude,” — Dennis M. Harness, Ph. D., Sedona Vedic Conference (25th Year!) , Sedona, AZ

“Thanks Alexis!  This has been so crazy!  I really need to learn more about Feng Shui.  God help the people who don’t have you as a resource!!  Mmwwaa!” –– L.S., Realtor, St Louis MO

“As you know I’m looking for the perfect man to come into my life. After you did the clearing I had an experience that was fascinating! I had car trouble and a young man rode up on his motorcycle and offered to assist me. Normally I would have insisted that I could do it myself.… But this time, I let him help me (he then rode away). I know the clearing created an opening… a metaphorical preview of what is to come! Curiously, the “activator” in my Feng Shui relationship corner is a couple on motorcycles!  I needed to be willing to allow a man to come in my life…! I believe he’s coming now! Stay tuned!!” — H.G., San Francisco, CA

“I have worked with Alexis for 20 years, always with wonderful results. I have had her clear homes prior to purchase as well as post acquisition- both with the desired outcomes. Homes that wouldn’t sell sold right away after she worked on them, and she was able to release the trauma of previous owners though both clearings as well as Feng Shui cure placements facilitating the creation of calm and peaceful environments. I have also recommended her to friends who have raved about their experience. Thank you Alexis!” — Susan, Connecticut