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Services | Destiny Readings

Destiny Readings: $225

This system began in Atlantis and moved through the Middle East and came to the west about 100 years ago. It is astrology and numerology and an icon system of clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. This system is the origin of our playing cards.

The readings are an hour and you get all the information by email for your upcoming year.

Also, during the hour, I offer relationship reports that are amazingly accurate. These reports can be about intimate relationships, family and friends or business. They can be of great help to bring inside and better communication between two people.

Just a few comments from happy clients:

Alexis’ readings are very accurate at setting the energy for life events to unfold. She helped me set the stage for both a major life transition and for calling a partner into my life. I had a clearing late last year, and we discussed the possibility of me meeting my life partner. At the time I had nobody in my life and could not fathom the idea of meeting a partner due to professional obligations. Fast forward 5 months (almost to the day!) and I ended up meeting an amazing person and although it has not been a long time in the relationship, just as Alexis says, when it’s right, its right. — JH, NORTHERN CA

I first hired Alexis to sell a “stuck” listing in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood during our last market downturn in 2009. What she did sounded a little wacky, but I figured it couldn’t hurt and we had been on the market for close to two months without selling. After Alexis’ clearing and a bit of feng shui, the property sold to the next buyer who saw it. I’ve since used Alexis on many, many of my listings with a 100% success rate. Last year when my business was down, I took a flyer and asked her to straighten out my own energy. Her work this time included an astrological reading that predicted significant changes ahead.  Within days of her reading, a seismic shift in my personal life happened that not only got my income bouncing back, but cleared up a matter that had been plaguing me for many years. I’m a die-hard cynic about what I call “woo-woo” spiritual practices; Alexis is my one exception. – Cece Blase, Paragon Real Estate Group, San Francisco

I had Alexis do a prosperity clearing for me this summer.   I was concerned about buying and selling real estate and buying a new business.  Within weeks my husband and I put four houses on the market.  All four sold above asking price within a few days of being on the market.  Three of the sales went seamlessly.  We are closing on the fourth property in two weeks.  I would like to thank Alexis for her clearings and would recommend her for any type of clearing work you may need. — EM, Airline Pilot, NV

I met Alexis 20 years ago when I move to California, and I was always fascinated by her Feng Shui work. She is a Magical lady for sure. She did a Feng Shui ceremony at my house 15 years ago and It was Amazing! Couple of days ago I contacted her again and she did clearing on me and I can tell you what a difference I felt in my energy field. She knows what she does so well, that just by talking to her you fell PEACE! I will be contacting her again very soon to do the Feng Shui ceremony at my new house. Love you Alexis and thank you always for coming into my life when I need your help! — Tamara S., Walnut Creek, CA