How To Achieve Good Luck And Fortune With Clearings!

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By Alexis Summerfield, M.A.

Clearings have their foundation in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese “Art of placement,” balancing life force so that it supports positive intentions and opportunity.  Feng Shui identifies and releases discordant energy that interferes with opportunity and advancement.  Rebalancing discordant energy is a foundational aspect of this ancient art.  After 25 years as a full time Feng Shui consultant I’ve learned how to clear these energetic distortions and achieve the same results through a unique clearing process that is done from a distance.

The energy within a person’s field or in a geographical location is increased by the clearing process and generates a strong sense of clarity and vitality. This unique method does not remove negative or unsupportive energy but instead gives discordant energy an opportunity to transform to a higher vibration so that it can support the person or location rather than being a detriment to it. Energy attracts it’s “like,” therefore even more positive energy is enlisted so that opportunity and potential are attracted without unforeseen or unrecognized blocks and challenges manifesting.

Energy does not have a mind of its own but it does have consciousness and therefore the ability to choose forward movement over stagnation, and light over dark. I facilitate this process rather than attempting to “force the energy.” Instead it makes its own choice as I create a supportive environment through love, compassion, forgiveness and release as the energy makes its own transformation into beauty and harmony.

Clearings enhance people’s lives, increase business and generate newfound opportunity and good fortune. Clearings also generate an open space for resonance with a higher supportive vibration to take place allowing forward movement in one’s life.

Energy can become dissonant/stagnant when there are unresolved issues on the land, at one’s location (business or home) or in one’s personal energy field. This is generally caused by historical issues or present time trauma, legal battles, divorce, serious illness, death, etc. Energy knows no timeline.  Much of the troublesome energetic discord in need of clearing is caused by negative emotions and their resulting actions, past or present attracting misfortune.

Moving to a business or personal property that has accumulated past challenges from previous occupants affects the new resident via this negative energetic force. A new business can inadvertently absorb the issues of the previous business owners and experience their problems as their own because of the imbalanced energy that resides in that location.

Personal situations including divorce, illness, trauma, confusion, health issues, financial struggle, etc., generate misaligned energy. Positive movement forward is negated or blocked by accumulation of fearful emotions.

Any situation caused by these kinds of emotions can be cleared so that the intention of positive movement forward is manifested. This is done by my unique process of offering energy the opportunity to “choose” the highroad and transform!

Some people call it bad luck but in my world it’s just discordant energy that needs an opportunity to shift in order to transform and support good fortune!

Examples include:

  • Clearings clear blocked or contaminated energy that interferes with the process of smoothly selling a home or business. *
  • People who have undergone a trauma such as divorce, financial or health issues often find themselves in a situation where their lives seem to come to a standstill. Clearings alleviate this so that forward movement is achieved and more positive opportunities are attracted. *
  • Clearing a negotiation that has gone awry can release the negative energy of the parties involved so that the process can complete in a satisfactory manner. Better yet, clear before beginning the negotiation. *
  • Clearing a business offers tremendous opportunity by releasing energetic blocks and obstacles to attracting more success, better clients, smoother transactions, as well as expansion and abundance. *
  • Clearing a home creates a foundation of good energy and benefits the entire family as it generates harmony and positive energetic support for forward movement, communication and grace. *
  • Clearing a loved one when they are close to their time of passing can be a tremendous gift of transformation and light for all involved. *
  • Clearing relationships is a very powerful tool used to enhance personal or business relationships as well as to attract an intimate relationship.*

As you can see, there are many applications for clearings.  Clearings have the potential to remove blocks so that positive flow can support a positive environment, and new levels of success, communication and abundance. Luck and good fortune now support your every endeavor and flourishing becomes your way of life!

Clearings contribute to a happy life!

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Peace and Love,

Alexis Summerfield

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