Introduction to Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

My name is Alexis Summerfield and I live in Sedona Arizona. I’m a Feng Shui consultant and have been doing Feng Shui full time for over 25 years. I have a Masters Degree from John F, Kennedy University in Consciousness Studies and my main focus is clearing people, locations, homes for sale and small businesses for good health, abundance and great success! I have been leading meditations on the phone with a dozen people living in different parts of our country for the last 3 1/2 months or so. Our first meditation was April 1, 2020. Our prayerful intention has been to assist our planet and all of humanity through this powerful time of awakening. This challenging time has been rophesied for thousands of years and we’re moving from the third to the fifth dimension which is the dimension of compassion, justice and equality. And right now it’s a bumpy transition but we will prevail as we will become that which we were always destined to be. In these meditations that began on April 1st we constructed certain energetic allies who have assisted us as we interacted in the “imaginal realm”. These allies are the Lighthouse that beams fifth dimensional energy into the hearts and minds of humanity. The Hummingbird Bridge that assists us as we journey from linear time to sacred or mystical time to enter the imaginal realm of spirit. The third ally is our Jaguar who is our power animal and inter-dimensional guide. He releases fear and protects us we climb upon his back in our meditations. He leads us through inter-dimensional terrain with his extraordinary vision and we activate healing for our planet in a variety of ways. Please don’t confuse imagination with fiction; imagination is a profound gift given to humanity and we all have it . As we interact in this imaginal realm of Spirit... Spirit can interact with us and assist us all. I will lead 3 minute video meditations two or three times a week. We will utilize the power and devotion of our spiritual allies who dwell in the realm of spirit entioned above. Our intention is to send healing and Light to the hearts and minds of all of humanity as we journey fearlessly through this challenging and transformative time of awakening! Please join me in this powerful connection with Spirit to serve all humanity as we truly become a planet of Light and compassion.