Shape-Shifting Planet

Shape-Shifting Planet

In Shamanic, Mayan and Incan traditions… when people shift into different energy fields, they can overcome disease and experience breakthroughs that facilitate opening to a deeper connection to their personal destiny.

Part of our mission as global citizens is to help facilitate the entrance of a new paradigm for humanity and for our planet as we are on the threshold of a New World becoming a reality. The potential for an Ascended Reality has been foretold since ancient times…. not only in almost every religion in the world but also by the Mayans, the Hopis, the Natives of the Himalayas, and so many other cultures. We are here now.

The common theme throughout all of these prophecies and legends is the repeated concept that we are poised at the threshold of a consciousness expanding awakening. It is unlike anything history has ever witnessed before. We want to be sure that we, who call planet Earth our home step up to the plate when we are being called to do so. We have all been called.

The ancient prophecies encourage us to create a world our children will want to inherit and to do so there is a requirement of expanded awareness as we shape-shift into a higher level of consciousness.

Joseph Campbell is quoted as saying “We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so that we can have the new life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.” We are all in this process now.

In Native cultures and traditions, one could actually shape-shift into an eagle or a fox. What are we transforming or shape-shifting into as individuals, as the human race and as a planet during this time of global awakening in order to gain a new perspective? What is the value of this great metamorphosis?

Carl Jung, the most acclaimed psychologist of the last century, postulated that there is a collective unconscious shared by all humans which is a repository of all wisdom containing archetypal images that could also explain the process of shape-shifting.

According to Denise Linn, highly recognized throughout the world for the wisdom she has gained from indigenous cultures, said that the metamorphosis available in shape-shifting is not creative visualization but rather a shift of realities.
We are collectively being encouraged to find a new and expanded version of ourselves and our environment with new and different avenues to solve the variety of challenging personal and global issues in front of us.

It is possible to shape-shift in the imaginal world that is so readily available to all of us who desire a spiritual connection. Please view my recent video “A Transforming Planet” for information about how the natural process of imaginal cells create a metamorphosis. If we can view the world situation and all of its challenges through different eyes we will find unique answers to the many global issues we are facing today. These answers that were previously hidden to us reveal themselves and shift our perception.

Please join me in the Shape-Shifting Meditation Video below and begin the process of a shift in perception and experience the amazing opening it creates.