024 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God… We are so grateful that you guide us as we connect to our power and the power of our love as a tremendous source of healing and miracles! 

Last week our prayers focused on the Peruvian Shamans as well as on releasing pollution from our planet. We continue this prayer today. 

Everything around us has a level of consciousness… Mother Earth, our forests, the animal kingdom, stones!  and energy. We are living on a conscious planet. 

In our search for power we need to cross over the Hummingbird bridge so that the rational mind does not thwart or limit our power for healing. 

Our task as bringers of Light or in shamanic terms as “children of the sun” is to become conscious of the ecology around us as well as our interaction with our environment so we can call upon it for strength and vitality and release fear. 

Simply by observation, according to quantum physics theory we can change the outcome through our positive intention. We are doing this in our daily prayers together. Our Lighthouse is assisting us and ready to serve. 

We have brought awareness into our Lighthouse which as you know began as a white candle. Through storylines it has assisted us in bringing awareness into marauders devastating our forests, jungles and environment. ..creating destruction through chemicals. This energy appeared as a charging elephant… trampling a meadow of yellow flowers. 

We brought awareness into that energy…. it transformed and we all saw it happen… inter-dimensionally of course. The origin of creation… 

We all experienced the shift of energy becoming supportive rather than challenging our planet’s environment. We are grateful. 

We also recognize…that the Lighthouse is assisting us through its incredible power in raising the vibration of our planet as we enter the fifth level of consciousness and the Golden Age. 

That beautiful golden light is now here to be of service to our planet as it releases the influence of negative and toxic energy and becomes a transforming light of service.  It raises the vibration of the coronavirus so that the virus becomes null and void and as a destructive force…. and in its higher vibration it is used as a supportive tool for our transformation and awakening. This is happening now. 

April 22 was Earth Day …We desire a closer connection with nature…. as a solution and a resource. We pray now for this connection and it is received.. 

Our Lighthouse then guided us to bring our awareness and focus to the pollution of all of the different bodies of water on our planet. And we considered the possibility of creating a miracle which according to Webster’s dictionary is an “extraordinary and welcome event not explicable by nature or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency”… Our Lighthouse. 

Yesterday we prayed about miracles and vibration. It seems that humans and Mother Earth must maintain a certain level of vibration that generates health and happiness.  It can be derailed by toxicity, lack of gratitude and appreciation, negative thoughts and destructive actions. The Golden Light raises this vibration now. 

We call upon the Universe to release the pollution from all of our bodies of water on Earth. 

We all have an inherent understanding and we no longer dump plastic, fertilizers and pesticides into our oceans.  Our sea life now lives in clean, clear water and we drink clean water. All of us… 

Today… Expecting a miracle with our words and our thoughts and our prayers, we fill our hearts with love and we send that love to all of the mighty forest and jungles… To the mountains, to productive harvests, to our beloved domestic and wild animals.  

We send our loving support to the people who are of service to so many during this time. 

We send our love to those in need of healing and to those who are in fear. To those who have lost loved ones. 

We send our love to those people, business owners, families and countries that have experienced overwhelming financial loss and security. 

We send our love and we create miracles.

So be it and so it is! 

In God’s Light



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