Igniting Your Cosmic Connection

All possibilities are available in the Unified Field and your Super Conscious gives you direct access to it.

The Unified Field of information exists beyond the third dimension of time and space. Our Super Conscious is like our High Self and it connects us with the Divine through this energetic Field. It is independent of the personal energy field and it is free of emotions. Our Super Conscious is always available to us. We just need to learn how to communicate with it for direction, assistance and healing in our lives. In this Cosmic Connection process we receive Frequency Boosts that assist us on our journey to experiencing a higher vibration, more LIGHT and better information.

We have always had the capacity to plug into the Divine or the Source but up to this time in history most have left the cord unplugged settling for insights, knowing and intuition to guide us instead of using our direct connection to Source. Now it is time to plug in!

Your Super Conscious offers direct access to positive communication with any hidden aspects of your personality that are in need of redirection through Frequency Boosts. They are the aspects within you that have the potential to shift so that you attract opportunity rather than create limitation.

Your Super Conscious offers you the potential for a vibrational shift to a much higher frequency than you have been experiencing previously. Therefore your worldly experience and your main personality are elevated and new opportunities appear that weren’t available when you were operating at a lower vibration. New doors open that were closed to you before. Separation from that which you desire dissolves…. and you step into the higher frequency of Oneness.

Each Frequency Boost can be adjusted to fit your personal needs and interests. These upgrades align you with an evolving world that must become responsible for its destiny during this challenging and transformative time. YOU must become responsible for your destiny during this time of great potential and revelation.

As you experience the Frequency Boosts available in this process you also gain greater access to your own Inner Authority and a deeper connection to Divine Will through an evolving interaction with your Super Conscious. Once the four upgrades are completed, The Cosmic Connection becomes available as you are in communication with the Unified Field and all of the infinite possibilities that exist within it. The less space between you and the Unified Field, the more you experience Oneness with others, with your environment and with the Cosmic Divinity that surrounds us all. This is your birthright and you now have access to this divine connection in this Super Conscious process.

Listed below are 4 Frequency Boosts that prepare you to receive and Ignite Your Cosmic Connection. Each one can be adjusted to meet your personal needs. You are eligible to experience the Igniting Your Cosmic Connection once the 4 Frequency Boosts are complete.

The Four Frequency Boosts

First Frequency Boost

In the First Frequency Boost you transition into Balance as you align with your own Super Conscious to assist your journey into Presence.



Second Frequency Boost

In the Second Frequency Boost your Super Conscious aligns with the unfolding of your Destiny and Purpose within the protocol of this powerful method of instruction and supportive internal communication that propels you into a place of greater inner satisfaction and outer opportunity and service.

Third Frequency Boost

In the Third Frequency Boost your Super Conscious addresses your Relationships and any divisions (past or present) in family, imbalances in marriage or partnership and the quest for soul mate or romantic relationships are reconciled as desired.

Fourth Frequency Boost

In the Fourth Frequency Boost your Super Conscious assists your emotional and physical body to reset and align with peace and good health in this amazing ascending vibration of our New World that is in the process of being born.

As we move through these upgrades individually we attain the needed level of Critical Mass globally from this process and from similar processes that so many others are offering at this time to assist the energetic shift needed to manifest our New Fifth Dimensional World. Once Critical Mass is achieved and a certain percentage of people have raised their consciousness, all of humanity will shift. Critical Mass does not require even 50% participation but rather just enough participation to create a tipping point and we are part of that influence in this Frequency Boost process.

The Third Dimension is our material world and it is made up of positive and negative polarities that create a comfortable atmosphere for our capacity to live in and experience judgment and resistance. Presence cannot exist in our 3D-Reality because it does not contain polarities. There is no judgment or resistance in Presence. It is unified and it resides in Oneness.


Everything BEYOND the material reality is in a state of Oneness and no-time. Everything in 3D-Reality contains separation and linear time.

As we raise our vibration through these Frequency Boosts, your goal is to release duality and move into non-separation and Oneness where Presence and the manifestation of your heartfelt desires exist. Everything beyond 3D or beyond the material world is unified in a state of Oneness… we just have to raise our vibration to gain entrance to it.

As we evolve our children are born with higher vibrations and their connection to The Unified Field around us all is intact. We will all be “plugged in” as we become a New World founded on Justice, Peace and Compassion for all people… that is our Destiny. This present global shift has been prophesied in almost every culture and religion in the world for thousands of years. Some have called it The Ascension. We are there.

Ignite your Cosmic Connection

Once the four upgrades are completed you become eligible to Ignite Your Cosmic Connection which creates the vibrational potential to move into Presence. Presence being an expression of living in the Eternal Now where past and future dissolve into Oneness, where the present moment and creation are expressed as a manifestation of intended possibilities.

The first Frequency Boost is an interactive experience on Zoom with Alexis Summerfield, M.A.

The other three Frequency Boosts are achieved non-locally or at a distance and Alexis interacts with your Super Conscious on your behalf. You will receive a full report and short intermittent chats as you choose it, as you move through these upgrades.

You will be given worksheets to record your own communication with your Super Conscious during the process. You will be given instruction on how to do this in the first Boost.

Videos will be available throughout the process.

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