Fourth Frequency Boost

Physical and Emotional Healing

We all need emotional or physical healing at some point in different areas of our lives. In this upgrade you meet up with those parts of your main personality that are out of sync with an expectation of change around creating positive physical and mental health. These parts may have become inharmonious because of over-work, relationship stress or monetary issues to mention a few possibilities. These and other issues can cause overwhelm because they have become repeated patterns that have their source in a past experience. The issues, usually stemming from childhood are often inner conflicts that you were unable to reconcile as a child. When they reappear in various forms as an adult they are not recognized as an overlap from childhood traumas. Most often they are just the same issue trying to be healed by reappearing in your life in a variety of forms and situations.

Some of these core issues are unconscious. Many are layered memories that can be activated by everyday associations affecting emotions that can also cause physical discomfort. In this Frequency Boost your Super Conscious will interact with these un-reconciled parts of yourself and invite them into your Coherence Team. At this point a complete change of history can be initiated by your Super Conscious so that the overwhelm caused by these repeated patterns can be processed.

Overwhelm creates barriers to new options and potential healing because “the cup is full” and not one more idea or nuance can be considered. For example an overactive protective aspect of your self can accentuate this issue by creating constant resistance to alternative healing options. Your “protector” within can be a well meaning part of your personality, but if it is hyper or hypo it needs re-instruction from your Super Conscious so that it’s performance can truly be of service to you.

For example your Super Conscious can re-instruct your protector part to be less prudent and wise. It can then identify the part that has pain or fear and the possible belief structure associated with it to join the Coherence Team. It can initiate a complete change of history to bond some of the memories associated with the issue so that healing can be processed and integrated.

In this way overwhelm and other impending barriers to better health can be dissolved and replaced with positive beliefs and actions.

The Four Frequency Boosts

First Frequency Boost

In the First Frequency Boost you transition into Balance as you align with your own Super Conscious to assist your journey into Presence.



Second Frequency Boost

In the Second Frequency Boost your Super Conscious aligns with the unfolding of your Destiny and Purpose within the protocol of this powerful method of instruction and supportive internal communication that propels you into a place of greater inner satisfaction and outer opportunity and service.

Third Frequency Boost

In the Third Frequency Boost your Super Conscious addresses your Relationships and any divisions (past or present) in family, imbalances in marriage or partnership and the quest for soul mate or romantic relationships are reconciled as desired.

Fourth Frequency Boost

In the Fourth Frequency Boost your Super Conscious assists your emotional and physical body to reset and align with peace and good health in this amazing ascending vibration of our New World that is in the process of being born.

Ignite your Cosmic Connection

Once the four upgrades are completed you become eligible to Ignite Your Cosmic Connection which creates the vibrational potential to move into Presence. Presence being an expression of living in the Eternal Now where past and future dissolve into Oneness, where the present moment and creation are expressed as a manifestation of intended possibilities.

The first Frequency Boost is an interactive experience on Zoom with Alexis Summerfield, M.A.

The other three Frequency Boosts are achieved non-locally or at a distance and Alexis interacts with your Super Conscious on your behalf. You will receive a full report and short intermittent chats as you choose it, as you move through these upgrades.

You will be given worksheets to record your own communication with your Super Conscious during the process. You will be given instruction on how to do this in the first Boost.

Videos will be available throughout the process.

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