You create your reality wherever you put your steadfast focus

You create your reality wherever you put your steadfast focus

Each moment of each day you and I choose where to put our focus. When we do that we are choosing which reality is most likely to manifest.

Duality is a predominant archetype and opposites within the Third Dimension include:

Justice OR injustice?
Compassion OR hatred?
Equality OR racism?
Faith OR fear?
Forgiveness OR blame?

Is the fate of our planet and all humanity really up to us!?
Absolutely it is!

Evolving as a species OR experiencing threat and extinction
are two possible probabilities that are the forerunners in our global situation.

Does it have to be one of those two opposites or can it be a new creation altogether? A transcendent third can be born of these opposites and emerge as something with  characteristics and qualities that are completely unique and different from  those of its origin.

Generally, our words, thoughts and actions express one of the opposites mentioned above in each situation in our lives. These and all opposites are a representation of duality and linear consciousness and they are rooted in the Third Dimension. When we release time, meaning the past and future and step into Presence or the Now, we have the potential to birth a completely different and unique outcome! This becomes a productive place to focus our attention.

During this time of chaos and awakening, many important issues are becoming a polarizing dilemmas and this can create a level of irrationality that divides people into entrenched opposites. Masks or no masks? Mandatory vaccine or not? Sending children back to school or not, Dismantling police forces or not?

These are just a few examples of present time polarizations that are in need of a creative solution or transcendent third. It is important that we emerge from our global transition as a unified force, supportive and compassionate toward each other as we create a New World rather than becoming a participant in a global revolution comprised of polarizing and opposing forces.

A solution can only emerge when the division is brought into awareness and a creative unifying third has the opportunity to emerge as a unique solution that represents a genuine global shift of values and a meaningful transformation for us all.

The transcendent third is neither “this nor that.” It is a creative solution that is born of  allowing these opposites to coexist without judgment.  This is a Fifth Dimensional experience, a New Order and it cannot be initiated from a Third Dimensional perspective.

We continue to step into Unknown territory.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Our vote is cast depending on where we put our focus in each situation in our lives. Our focus and intent creates reality. May I suggest that we step out of focusing on one OR the other and put our focus on the profound possibility that can be born of the many dualities mentioned in this lecture. This possibility can only be found in The Unknown.

Our focus or observation has the potential to create an energetic exchange between us and that which we observe. When that happens, whatever we are focusing on also becomes more aware of itself and that generates expansion and awakening into the birth of something new! During this time of a variety of global and personal challenges, as responsible creators it is essential that we place our focus on a beneficial and uplifting outcome. As we do so, the positive expands and generates more awareness of itself that in turn generates constructive movement forward.

As generally seems to be the case, coherent insights are already understood in ancient traditions, legends or wisdom that have meditation and connection to Nature at their base.

A Cherokee Indian legend explains the above information in story form and we all love a good story!

This is the story of a young Indian boy looking for advice from his grandfather who was a great Cherokee Chief.  The boy told his grandfather that there was a terrible fight going on inside him. It is a turmoil between two wolves.  There is a black one who expresses anger greed, sorrow, regret and un-forgiveness. There is also a white one who is good. He carries the characteristics of peacefulness, love, hope, serenity, generosity, compassion and truth.

The grandfather said that this is an ongoing battle within all humanity. The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked grandfather which one will win?

The modern version of this is that the one you feed wins. This answer is very true and it is a powerful example of Third Dimensional judgment, resistance and duality.

But the original version explains Cherokee wisdom in a different way. In the Cherokee version the grandfather said “If you only choose to feed the white wolf, the black one will be hiding around every corner waiting for you to become distracted and weak and he will jump you when you least expect it. He will always be angry, always fighting the white wolf.  You will always be in turmoil. But if you acknowledge him, then he is happy and the white wolf is happy and there is peace. The black wolf has many fine qualities including tenacity, strength, determination, cleverness and strategic thinking that you’ll be in need of at different times in your life. These are qualities the white wolf lacks.”

The grandfather went on to say,” The white wolf has compassion, caring, strength and the ability to recognize what is in the best interest of all.”

If you only feed one, only focus on the one you believe is the right one, they will be aggressive toward each other,  If you do not judge them, if you do not participate in this duality and you feed and care for both, their alliance will serve you and from this alliance a new wisdom will emerge.

However you choose to interact with the opposing forces within and without will determine your life.  However we choose to interact with the opposing forces in our global transformation will determine the outcome of our emerging New World!

As we place our focus without judgment something that was previously unavailable can be born.

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield M.A.