Time Collapses into a single point known as the Now.

Time Collapses into a single point known as the Now.

Shifting Our Attention From Survival to Awakening
Shifting Our Attention From Survival to Awakening

The Hopi creation story revealed that the current cycle of our world began long ago when Spider Grandmother emerged into the emptiness. The first thing she did was to spin a great web that connects all things, and through it she created the place where her children would live their lives.

During the last few articles I have been discussing the concept of this “web” that connects us all, Some call it Hindra’s Net and in Quantum Physics it is called the Field.

This concept of connection with each other is significant because it supports our transition into the Fifth Dimension. The Now as our new identity, becomes an all encompassing global experience. We are One. As we continue in this evolutionary process a new life experience emerges and we become identified with compassionate action toward others regardless of race, creed or location.

As we become more attuned to 5D consciousness we experience a release of linear, chronological time as the predominant perspective and it is replaced with Kairos or sacred time. Chronological time collapses with 3D into a single point of time known as the Now.

As time collapses into the Now… the third dimensional linear structure around our thoughts and creations are collapsing as well and suddenly even more than ever before, everything we think manifests.

It is significant that we stay positive and continually support a positive global outcome….and leave the details of how this will happen to the Universe. No point in contributing our limited linear cause and effect thoughts into a Cosmic event!

As we envelope ourselves even more in the energy of the Now and the Fifth Dimension, which does not know fear or struggle, whatever we think is exactly what manifests!

We are not doing this on our own… We are receiving powerful Light frequencies that assist us in shifting our perspective. This has been foretold for thousands of years. This Cosmic force assists us with wider ranges of information and possibilities to come, than would have been available in our third dimensional consciousness.

Think of a situation in your life and explore your thoughts around it. It is time to bring your focus and your thoughts into a place of choice…. always choosing the most elevated and desired outcome because your choices become real! The higher frequencies available during this time of transformation are assisting us in this manifestation process.

We must all consciously direct our thoughts and our focus toward the most positive outcome for all… In this present Shift, we must adjust our position and our faith so that there can be an intentional elevated movement forward.

This is our work and it is essential that we all do our part!

In my first painting we see a shattering…My question when I began this piece was “As a planet…where are we going?” These sharp shards represent the collapse of our third dimensional experience. In the first draft of this painting, I painted a chalice-like vessel that transformed into this shattering image.

At this time in history we are experiencing a powerful frequency of Light that is assisting us in releasing dysfunctional patterns on every level. Anything not in alignment with this elevated vibration will dissolve and will be replaced by vibrational frequencies that serve us in alignment with our Divine Potential and evolution toward our intended destiny.

In my second painting we see a new unformed frequency refilling the chalice as this new vibration works in tandem to contribute to the manifestation of our New World. These two transformational expressions of Light assist us in remembering who we really are. Like a tsunami, these waves of transformation have significantly stepped up in intensity during the last six months. The changes that we are experiencing are the beginning of a monumental Shift on Earth for all who dwell here.

It is significant that we release old linear patterns because without that release we create resistance and blocks to the transition that is taking place within all of us as well as within Gaia herself.

It is time to allow this new consciousness to unfold and as it does, all third-dimensional structures and beliefs collapse as we progress on our path to Oneness and our true destiny as a species in the Fifth Dimension and beyond!

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.