002 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Audio of Universal Prayer

by Alexis Summerfield, M.A. | click to play

We pray with joy, peace……. and expectation of healing as well as positive transformation for every person on planet earth during this transformational time of great challenge.

The storm that has been passing through our entire planet …..is NOW releasing fear….. instead of creating it….. because a transformation is taking place right NOW. FEEL the shift that is being created by our united prayer.

Instead of destruction….. the storm is now generating love between all people and all nations. It’s becoming our ally rather than our enemy.

That which we have feared… Has gifts for us… Just like ALL big challenges do.

We give thanks for the peaceful and loving NEW WORLD that is being created through the transformation of the present chaos and loss.

Let us envision this higher order as pure luminescent WHITE LIGHT that is NOW directed by our hearts and by our faith-filled love….. that we share and offer to ALL on this beautiful planet earth.

Today let us focus on sending that magnificent light to every hospital in the United States…… and every hospital throughout our world.

We are sending it to every person in these hospitals who are in need of healing and to those who are assisting them and their difficult health challenges.

Please visualize … different cities or states or countries where we can focus this light TOGETHER as ONE united force…. in the hospitals there. Transforming suffering into peace.

One DIVINE luminescent white light that heals transforms and raises vibration from chaos and fear to vitality, gratitude and good health.

Please leave five seconds for us all to send our light to each and every hospital in our world…..

I will begin

New York City…

We pray there will be enough respirators for all who need them. We know that is happening right NOW. We are grateful.

We send gratitude and good health through this divine luminescent light and direct it toward all the doctors and nurses… all the healers and practitioners and faithful servants…… who are of service to so many who are ill during this time we send this illuminating light to fill each of their bodies, minds and  spirit.

We have made a difference… You have made a difference… All humanity is healing……. WE are faith filled and courageous with a positive expectation for our amazing NEW WORLD filled with justice, peace, love and equality.




Please feel free to forward these prayers to friends and family 

Alexis Summerfield, M.A.



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