003 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Audio of Universal Prayer

by Alexis Summerfield, M.A. | click to play

Father Mother God….We are blessed to experience your comforting presence as we absorb your faithful love…. us as we prayerfully share our light and our breath with so many in need during this transformational time on our planet.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to the nation today. As you probably know he is the outspoken and compassionate governor of New York….he said that 20,000 health professionals immediately responded to his plea for assistance. What an incredible and inspiring act of compassion and service! For them to leave the comfort and safety of their homes during this challenging time…. and to bravely walk into the fire. 

Governor  Cuomo said that it’s in the American DNA to help each other and to help the world. I remember that when the Peruvian shaman’s walked across the United States with the crystal skulls about 10 years ago it was stated the purpose and astrology of America was to be of service to so many in need throughout the world. That it is our destiny. It’s at the roots of who we are as a nation and as Americans. 

You and I are quarantined but we still serve… by activating power through intention….. this is our light to shine and dissolve the density around us. We do not radiate fear….. we are beacons of Source Light! As we join in this prayer together we dissolve the density in the world….our faith dissolves fear, anger, grief and illness. Our heartfelt faith is a service to all because we carry that vibration and we share it. 

We are like those 20,000 brave health professionals who offered their gift… Our light of faith and hope is the gift we are now offering to so many through our prayer together and individually during the rest of the day ….and weeks and months to come. 

The faith we share offers a tremendous gift of compassion and hope to the world. 

The Source Light that we shine frees others from ungrounded fear and reaction. The faith filled light that cascades like a waterfall of power… offers the vibration of peace and faith and extends out into the world.

Feel that happening. 

When you are aware of your breath as an infinite light of Source energy, your thoughts, perceptions and motives become coherent and therefore become “usable energy.” 

You and I are co-creators and when we place focus on our breath with intention….we deepen our relationship to self-love and to compassion. 

Shortness of breath is one of the more serious symptoms of the coronavirus. 

Let us now be of service, like those courageous 20,000 health professionals that are assisting New York City in their health crisis…

 and send OUR out-breath…. filled with the Source Light of well-being …..to so many in need…. 

Next we are going to breathe in….. mindfully…. together putting focus on our vital and healthy breath…. that which keeps us in a state of well-being. 

Affirming    “My breath is a vehicle of Source Light.“ 

As we breathe out we send out this Source Light 

….like a flame of a candle to so many whose breath is restrained by the Corona Virus. 

Let us take nine breaths…. nine normal breaths…and send Source Light to those in need. 

9 times 

Now I see 100…1000,  10,000, 1,000,0000 candles each one ignited by our out-breath serving others so they can take a healthy in-breath. 

Throughout the days and weeks ahead bring awareness and gratitude for your in-breath that generates Source Light and well-being to your body, emotions and spirit.  Then bring awareness to your out-breath sending your light to so many in need and know that they are receiving it…  

We are ONE….powerfully united with all humanity…..as we move through this planetary transformation…. And become a New World yet again! 

We all rise out of the present chaos like a Phoenix out of the ashes… and humanity finds new planetary paradigms that serves justice, health, compassion, freedom and peace for ALL who call planet earth HOME.. 




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