010 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

We have gathered each day for our prayer for our planet and its many citizens for 10 days now …….and we are faithfully carrying a great Light that is intended to extinguish fear and mis-creation… and to ignite every heart with faith in a new and promising future as our planet awakens. 

Today and each Friday will be an accumulation of the previous week’s prayers as we touch on some of the important aspects of each one to remind us of our journey. 

Father Mother God….

We are individually and jointly a beacon of your Light…. we send that Source Light out into our world. This powerful Light derails ungrounded fear and hostile reaction. 

We continue on our faithful journey in global isolation as we hold a powerful perspective of an amazing shift on planet earth and for all of humanity. It is creating new paradigms that are being established in a womb like environment… It is like the seed of a stock of corn that is still under the earth and sprouting…. soon it will begin to grow and it will be above the ground….. then it will become what it was destined to be, and it will feed our planet NEW LIFE. 

We continue our faith filled journey and hold a powerful perspective of an amazing shift around new opportunities and new paradigms being established that truly serve our highest ideals to benefit all. 

We are stepping into the unknown as our planet and humanity give birth to a profound awakening that inspires peace, compassion and justice for all of us. This is our healing journey as we are all on it together… How amazing!! 

Dear Lord… As co-creators we cannot support the LOW road of fear, hopelessness and blame.

We take the highroad… And find peace and comfort in our faith of an awakening humanity that has been prophesied by almost every major faith since the beginning of recorded time. 

We place our focus on the tremendous power of enriching possibilities for all of us….. as an evolving species that is moving through a chaotic and challenging transition toward a bright and compassionate future. Destructive patterns of greed, manipulation and apathy are breaking down…. now. 

The vibration of e transformation of greater wisdom and compassion is in the forefront of our creative birth! A river of life is moving through our world and our hearts.… It is purifying and transforming any darkness into light…. purifying our leaders and our health system… Purifying our bank system, Government and our political system…. Worldwide!  During this amazing and very challenging moment in history we are rapidly revamping our reality and it is happening…

In the blink of an eye! 

We are all going through a period of isolation and our innate potential prepares us for new opportunities that have never surfaced before..

We move into perspective of non-resistance to this growth and evolution.  

Is this our awakening?

Is it the awakening of the whole planet?

Will it all happen at once… In the blink of an eye? 

Those who receive this illuminating Light will not allow the mis- creation of a few to dominate the many again with unjust control and manipulation! 

Heroes and heroines will rise up fearlessly to lead us during this awakening to bring clarity to our visions…..they will clamor for peace equality, compassion and justice to be our dominion! 

And we will stand beside them…or be one of them. 

In God’s Light 





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