009 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God we are walking in the Light and each of us is receiving this new vibration of hope and justice on our planet. As we bring awareness into that light that you have sent us …. It expands now….and many more receive it. This Divine radiance is the source of our reality and it is the source of the new reality entering our world during this time of chaos, struggle and birthing.  

Imagine that at this moment we can see the origin of this new vibration that is entering and creating our new world. Imagine that is coming from a brilliant star. As we visualize it …..feel the comfort and the peace it offers  ….we welcome that grace to our planet. 

Awareness or mindful attention assists this penetrating Light to raise the vibrational level of everything and everyone on our planet. It is a time of brilliant transformation that elevates the negative vibration of disease and poverty, fear and greed to a higher supportive level. This is our new vibration. As we believe it, we contribute to its continual illumination.  

I would guess that most of you or many of you have read Dr. David Hawkins book “Power Versus Force.” I also shared this information in my women’s group many years ago. He documents levels of consciousness moving from at their lowest level shame, guilt, apathy, anger etc. and finally as humanity reaches a certain vibration we exhibit courage, willingness, acceptance, love, joy, peace and finally enlightenment. 

Our planet has been moving through these different vibrations as has humanity. This magnificent Light that we are bringing into awareness raises the bar quickly as people transcend the lower vibrations and begin to think clearly and proactively with prolific compassion.  

This new level of justice and compassion becomes the  majority on the planet, not the minority … As humanity emanates unconditional love and service, there is an expansion of consciousness and a pervasive feeling of joy that disease, poverty and greed cannot tolerate. 

This elevating Light is here and we are seeing it through our minds eye; we are feeling it and we are bringing awareness into it as it creates this new vibration that transcends past levels of control and manipulation by a few of so many.  

Visualize this light… Believe in it ….because as we believe we create… Hold steady as we bring awareness into this magnificent power as it illuminates our earth and everything that resides here… people, animals, trees, crops, oceans… 

Today we are focused on this new vibration that we are welcoming to earth as it exists in global coherence and lazar focus on justice and compassion. 

The prophets of old in almost every major faith on our planet have prophesied this time of enduring and transforming Light creating a shift… In the blink of an eye. 

It is this Divine God Light that shifts us as it emanates pure illuminating love and it recalibrates the virus and the fear around it that we have experienced as the 2020 global pandemic ….to a new vibration of support, peace and health. 

As most of you know I have done energetic clearings for the last 25 years. My colleague Beverly and I do not remove, or see negative energy as harmful and destructive. We assist it to move to a new vibration from fear and anger to peace and love. 

Can energy make a choice to transmute to a higher vibration? After 25,000 clearings I say a resounding “absolutely!” In the clearings we do we assist energy to move to a higher level so that which caused chaos, illness and struggle becomes supportive and raises to another level of peace and joy.  

This is happening now on a much larger scale as we participate and believe in the Light that is transforming us….. as our mindfulness and focus on this powerful Light transmutes fear and the corona virus into love!








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