013 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father, Mother God we send our Light Source out into the world with today’s prayer as you infuse us with your loving compassion…We send a unified beam of Light to all humanity.  All that we receive is yours 

In Greg Braden‘s recent book he introduces the idea of Wisdom Codes so that we can tap into the wisdom of the power of the ancient texts that for centuries has restored faith, trust and joy into our present and future as we recite them. 

The intention of the Wisdom Codes is to recite them faithfully knowing that they are permeating our entire being with a sense of faith and trust now and as we create our future….now. 

Through the Wisdom Codes and with certain physical alignments involving heart and breath we experience a full body harmony because these ancient codes have brought us into a coherent state as they have done for thousands of years on our planet. As we repeat the Wisdom Codes we shift from our mind focus to our heart and to our breath. 

Words of the ancient chants are catalysts that elicit a release of dissonance creating harmony.  

An example of Wisdom Codes is from the Christian Gospel of John … “Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire so that your joy may be full.” 

What a beautiful way to pray because our faith and coherence or harmony register us as one with all that is… including a strong intention from heart and breath, our prayer is already answered and we become one with that which we desire. 

The Wisdom Codes that we are going to pray today are from the ancient Buddhist prayer of Refuge or Protection. 

An abbreviated form of this prayer in the ancient Buddhist texts is… “In the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, I take refuge until I obtain enlightenment.” 

Buddha represents the teaching of enlightenment. 

Dharma represents eternal truth of reality  

And Sangha is community and world. 

These three aspects are called THE 3 JEWELS.. 

Another way to recite this with the same intention and connect with the same power that might be more in alignment with our more modern perspective….. we might pray: 

In the Light,

In the Truth

In the World I am protected. 

These Wisdom Codes, these 3 jewels become our refuge. 

These Three Jewels when recited with the same intention as the ancient wisdom codes using different words have the same power.  

Let us explore the first jewel… And let us see it as a Diamond. The first Jewel is about a commitment to a path of conscious thought and mindful action leading to a greater awareness around ourselves and our relationship to the world. 

Put your left hand out…. palm up in front of you. Do this now. As you hold your hand out…. palm up a Diamond appears, and we say Amen…. together ….Amen. 

Allow it to dissolve into your Being as you become the first Wisdom Code of Light. 

The second object of refuge is Dharma… Dharma represents the truth of reality…We see this Jewel as an Emerald. Put out your left hand…. palm up and see or visualize an Emerald has been placed there… As it dissolves into your Being you receive harmony and peace.  

We shift our attention from chaotic matters of the world to the harmony reflected in nature and we are free from fear and suffering for ourselves and all humanity. This is our Dharma….. our Truth. 

The third refuge, the Ruby is Sangha. Put your left hand out and see a Ruby in the  palm of your hand… You now integrate in the Enlightened Realm of Compassion for yourself and compassion for others in our world. This Jewel, your compassion releases the suffering of those around you. 

We have integrated The intention of the ancient Wisdom Codes of the three jewels… 

Diamond is light

Emerald is truth

Ruby is compassion 

The words that activate this powerful wisdom within us affirms secure imprints of them in our subconscious mind. 

As we do this we are opening a strong communication with a direct hit on our subconscious mind. It needs to be said out loud and from the heart and breath with a sense of feeling and trust that the Wisdom Codes offer. 

It is traditionally done for three minutes as Greg’s study of these wisdom codes reveal a transformational shift in a person if it is done for that period of time. 

We are going to repeat THE 3 JEWELS for three minutes. 

I am light 

I am truth 

I am compassion.





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