014 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God we are grateful for your guidance as we receive positive change that creates positive advancement to release toxicity and pollution for planet earth as well as from each of us individually. 

What is the present global challenge teaching us? And how easy is it for us to change our patterns and habits…? To let the old go completely and create something brand new without destructive remnants of the past? 

Just a mundane example in my life… I get a chiropractic adjustment every week and I found a great chiropractor in Sedona and he’s helped me tremendously. He actually comes to our home for my treatment. 

I have showed him in the past how to adjust me from a distance if needed when we were out of town….He was very skeptical and resistant of the process and he dabbled a little bit about the idea of it but without any enthusiasm. 

But now….because of the quarantine he’s had to work on me at a distance for three or four weeks. 

Yesterday he texted me and said he could treat me at 10am… I was at home working but was still in my pajamas when I received his text so I thought ….. I’ll have to get showered and get dressed and I was running through my whole preparation scenario in my mind….. and then Reality hit! 

Oh! He’s working on me from a distance and he has been for the last month or so…hmmmm 

It was such an interesting feeling to experience how my old process with him was still very much intact. How long does it take for a new pattern to truly take hold? How long does it take for the old habits to give away to the new ideas without an automatic duplication of past behavior? 

More exploration… and my chiropractor who was not at all impressed with working on patients at a distance…..rather suddenly has a whole new view of it….he announced yesterday that he was solid with this new method of treating patients from a distance and he was going to move forward in expanding his practice by using his new skill. 

He had a paradigm shift as he opened completely to a new idea that he was totally uninterested in and skeptical of before the pandemic… before our global awakening. 

There is an article from The Guardian in the United Kingdom about Delhi and Bangkok and other seriously polluted cities. 

In the article I texted you it shows an amazing picture of a clear and unpolluted sky and water in Delhi after a couple weeks of quarantine.

The image reveals a profound shift of the release of toxicity in these big cities. 

The same thing is happening in LA and other polluted cities and areas in our world. 

What new patterns in your life has this challenging time during the impact of the coronavirus taught you? Are you conserving more? Do you feel more a part of being a global citizen than before? Do you have more authentic compassion than you did previously?  Are you aware of these subtle changes in attitude? 

What positive new patterns and habits are trying to establish themselves personally and in our world? 

Can we let go of the old easily…. and allow nonpolluting green ideas, clean technology and safe environmental systems to clean our bays and oceans ….all kinds of new paradigms for an environmentally safe world to be established? 

Father Mother God we pray for our new heroes and heroines to guide us …as we learn new patterns and habits from the teacher… Named pandemic… who is challenging us now to establish clean, environmental technologies and is giving us a clear picture of our capacity to shift ….. to un-pollute our world. 

Father Mother God we receive your guidance as humanity unites for the good of all and release apathy as we become intolerant of returning to old paradigms that created toxicity in our bodies, in our food and our world….Not to mention the toxic and violent thoughts, actions and wars that are created by living in these conditions. 

May we all be inspired during this amazing global and personal awakening as we release the mis-creations in exchange for New World Paradigms full of transformations and constructive advancements. 

In God’s Light





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