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Father Mother God…We are ONE

Come to the edge…
We might fall…
Come to the edge…
It’s too high…
Come to the edge.
And they came.
And he pushed them… and they flew
–Poem by Christopher Logue

During this challenging time we are experiencing a shift of potential to awaken to profound new perspectives and opportunities in 100 different ways.  We are opening a door to understanding the beauty and the power of what it means to integrate the profound understanding that we are all ONE.

Everything is interconnected and everything from the cells of our bodies to every country, every heart, every fish in the sea, every tree of our earth extending out to the planets and the beyond that surrounds us…that everything… is ONE. If we choose to accept the theories of Einstein… Even the past, present and future are one.

If we understood this idea that we are all one… Really understood it….Would we have created the atomic bomb, would we condone starvation on a thriving planet, would we have given rise to terrorism and war? Would we have created a virus that on one hand has caused global fear, chaos, suffering and loss….and on the other is challenging us to transform and change our perceptions..?

Many of you have heard of the unifying field in quantum physics. It is an understanding that there is a quantum field of energy around us….and within us….that we all experience on a cellular level and on every other level …as it connects us to nature and to each other.

From the understanding of what the ancients have always expressed as well as our modern science of quantum physics, the concept of compassion can be reborn and activated in all of our personal actions as well as in our worldwide and government inter-actions.

This quantum field or divine matrix contains and becomes a blueprint of reality… A matrix which can also be described as “ As above… So below“….

An ancient aphorism from sacred geometry and Hermes Trismegistus and is from a passage in the mysterious Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald Tablet is an ancient tablet that is believed to contain the secrets of the Universe. Its premise expresses ALL IS ONE and that direct experience of the Divine is possible for us all.

We might say…as within so it is without… But as a world and general consensus many of us have forgotten the “within” part. We are all deeply connected to the material world around us often forgetting that it is only a reality that serves us when it’s understood and observed from, and including the connection within. Then we become one with it ….in a way that is beneficial and unifying.

As you all know I am a Feng Shui consultant and have been doing that work for over 25 years. Even when I first started in 1992 I assisted several times in groundbreaking ceremonies for businesses and for builders …. Or cleared the land before the digging began.

But that has quickly disappeared and now we just do the outer work… We dig the hole and create a foundation for a building without the sacred connection from within that unifies us at a deep level within with nature and with the earth ….which allows the process to be an intentional part of this unifying field…. And therefore powerful, supported and blessed.

As we learned from our prayer yesterday from Dr. Roberto Villoldo there are 14,000 diseases in Western medicine and only one in shamanic wisdom… The one disease is separation from nature.

Gregg Braden wrote an excellent book called the Divine Matrix and in that information he talks about this matrix being a blueprint for everything in creation… Some call it the Tao… Some call it the Source Field and we might even think of it as the software that runs our world.  It is “the within part”…the sacred part.

As we remain connected to our emotional body, to our heart and spirit and give meaning to the outer world by connecting The nature of sacredness to it, we potentially become whole again and our world becomes whole. This is our intention.

We pray that humanity is able to reunite with the agreement of the ancient and indigenous understanding of every culture in our world that we are all one… our modern science quantum physics has also proved the absolute validity of that understanding.

We pray that the integration of this unifying power, that is so available to us and has been throughout the course of history…. Is received and put into action. We all shift our perception to understand that we are truly one. We receive a little nudge and fly off the ledge becoming greater, more compassionate and true Children of Light in our Universe!

In God’s Light
We are ONE




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