017 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God… In the Light, In the Truth, In the World we are protected. We receive these three jewels from ancient Buddhist texts as wisdom codes. We shift our attention from the chaotic matters of the world to the harmony that nature and our faith offer us during this planetary challenge and awakening. 

We are being called to let go of past patterns globally and personally as we are offered an opportunity to create and enter into a New Reality… that is just and compassionate. 

We are being given signs like the profound release of toxicity in the air and water in Delhi, Bangladesh and in our own cities in the United States. Can we let go of our previous patterns that have created this tremendous pollution on our planet and in our bodies? Yes… we can as new heroes and heroines arise to lead the way, and we recognize, honor and support them. 

We receive Divine guidance as we become intolerant of destructive global and individual patterns that ultimately generate toxicity, violent thoughts and actions, apathy, poverty and wars. 

In one of our prayers last week we journeyed through the Andes and Machu Picchu, Peru as we were introduced to the ancient Incan prophesies that foretold of a Golden Age that is preceded by a time of challenge and chaos.  

The keepers of this prophecy have held it high in the Andes in an isolated village “in the clouds”… for 500 years. The elders of that village have come down to share its meaning.… Breaking their isolation as keepers of these ancient texts to tell us that the time has come….. and  the time is NOW! 

They clearly stated…. directly from their prophetic scriptures that “The new guardians of the Earth will come from the west and those who have caused a great impact on Pachamama/ Mother Earth will now have a responsibility to remake their relationship with her after remedying and remaking themselves.” 

We all need to step up to the plate as we are called to enact reform. We are at the end of time as we know it…. and we are at the threshold of a new and more respectful way of relating to nature and each other. As we do that new doors open as we step in to the fifth dimension or fifth level of consciousness….. simultaneously and collectively!

In the blink of an eye. 

During this challenging time we are experiencing a shift of potential to awaken to a profound new perspective and opportunities that until now were unknown and unaccepted. 

Notice in your life something new that was rejected before as impossible. This is one way of acknowledging the shift of perspective and new level of consciousness that is taking place now. What seemed impossible before… Will be recognized as a new paradigm in the world represented by unity and compassion. 

We prayed and discussed last week the quantum field or Divine matrix and how it unites us all… Everything from our smallest cells and microorganisms to the planets around us…. are ONE. 

We are united in this ONENESS and the ancient wisdom expressed in the well known aphorism “As above so below” assists us to realize there is a Divine blueprint that connects us all to each other and nature. We might see what is above as reality….. but what is below is the matrix of this creation. The Divine software running the program. 

We pray that the unifying power of Source Light, that connects us all…. is received and put into action as we shift our perception to understand that there is no separation. That we are truly one and that compassion, justice and equality with each other, nature and our planet is the threshold to the promised Golden Age. 

Come to the edge… 
We might fall… 
Come to the edge… 
It’s too high… 
Come to the edge and they came. 
And he pushed them …..and they flew 

In God’s Light, 




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