019 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God…Fill us with your Light….We have a mountain to move.

Do you believe in miracles? Can your faith move mountains?

Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico make up what is called the four corners in the United States.

About 15 years ago there was a very serious drought for several years at the four corners effecting all four states dramatically.

During that time I chose to journey to Santa Fe and the four corners. The women’s group that I was leading supported me as I flew to Santa Fe and did a special prayer to release the drought at the four corners. Each one in the women’s group poured water into the earth at different times from wherever they were in California… and I was in the mountains outside Santa Fe and I poured water into the earth asking that the drought be completed and the rain would now nourish this land once again.

Within a few hours… It began to hail! I mean hail the size of golf balls!!

It would have been too dangerous to step outside without an umbrella to protect from this hail! And then it rained… And it poured. And it rained ….and the drought was over. Other miracles happen during that journey where approximately 12 women prayed who cared about Pachamama… About Mother Earth.

You and I are another 12 women and one man who are ready to interact with the spirits and ask …demand a miracle.

The Q’ero…..natives of the Andes Mountains, live in a world that is as conscious of them as they are of it. They believe that there are no better teachers of life than the spirits of nature.

The constant invitation of the Andes world is to participate in the reality that the world is populated by interactive spirit.

Through them we understand how trapped we can be by a rational mind.

Their teaching is to divest us of mind…. and center ourselves in our heart.

The positive energy is called Ayni. Which is the implicate creative principle of the natural world.

Because we are energy beings and we live in a world of living energy… We can never act outside the sphere of Ayni’s influence. In the west it might be called Holy Spirit or Divine Spirit.

In this Andean culture Mother Earth is called Pachamama …Our true mother and spirit mother and from her we are given all form and substance. She is offered gifts by the Andean people and in return she returns gifts of healthy childbirth, productive harvest, multiplying animals.

The People of the Andes give other aspects spiritual significance….such as mountains and they are called Apus. This Spirit of The Mountain in the Andes might be seen as a hummingbird, a condor or a puma. These are their sacred animals. For us a sign of spirit being present might be a butterfly wafting by as we think of a special prayer, desire or intention.

As these indigenous people dialogue with a divine mountain… Their spiritual strength increases and chaotic negative energy is pushed away.

There is a Q’ero story of a disease that came to the Andean people in the form of yellow fever and smallpox and many, many died.

There was a holy man named Quespi who recognized the sacred mountain had actually sent the disease as a tool that could be of service to release the people ….of other pestilences and diseases and difficulties had plagued them.

Quespi gathered his power and used the energy of the disease to eat all of the other pestilences and it commanded to the divine mountain…

“You will take this pestilence back”

The Mountain complied and took the yellow fever and all of the diseases and other difficulties ravaging the Q’ero people.

The Sacred Mountain and can also work with the energies of the Cosmos on a planetary scale.

We are going to cross the Hummingbird Bridge gain today and leave the rational mind of the west behind and move into the irrational and intuitive creation of the powerful shamanic world. I sense that the people in our meditation high up in the Andes are going to offer a prayer to the divine mountain and we will join them… Asking the mountain to take the pestilence from our planet earth along with it so many other challenges.

As I have mentioned I have been of support the mountain people for over 15 years and punch your mama knows who I am… And she will know who you are as well Because in our prayer yesterday you chose a stone that revealed your purity of heart.

I am going to unmute you and ask you a question?

Please answer out loud…

Will you stand before the sacred Mountain with me and say…

“You will take this pestilence back.”



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