020 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God….You are our guide as we connect to our power thru our environment

Everything around us has a level of consciousness… Mother Earth, our forests, the animal kingdom and by the way, energy also has consciousness. We are living on a conscious planet.

The ancient teaching of the Peruvian shamans whose information we have been connecting to in recent prayers are similar to the concepts founded in the modern science of quantum physics. It seems the ancient and modern have many common founding principles.

I’d like to tell you a story about a favorite car and how it taught me that even the inanimate has consciousness. I had an amazing experience about 10 years ago. My beloved red sunbird convertible had run out of steam after 10 years of faithful service!  ….and I was traveling a lot in my work. I brought it to my local garage and the owner bought it for his son.

The car was out in the parking lot. I had given him the keys and I had no physical connection with the car…. I did not have the car door opener anymore.

I was about 20 feet away from the car and I said a little goodbye prayer. It lit up and beeped at me! I swear it’s true! It may have been a piece of steel but it has consciousness.

How do we establish a good relationship with our conscious environment that is all around us so that we feel supported and connected?

How do we establish a mystical relationship with the Universe and why do we want it? I would say look around in Nature and see what the Cosmic Powers are saying to you. We are all quarantined now but we can still experience Nature even if just from the windows, our yard or our porch.

Jim and I put a small bird house near our deck about two years ago.  Yesterday we noticed a whole bunch of finches jumping in and out of the entrance. Finally we thought! The birds have found the birdhouse…

What is nature saying to us? Definitely a birthing is taking place that wasn’t available to us before. And now we have to consider what exactly are we birthing that was previously unknown and is now presenting itself to us. As we do this we accumulate power.

Have you noticed any communication from Nature around your home? The moment you start thinking about that idea….. you are looking for power.

We all know the 3-D world is the third dimension of linear reality. That means it operates from cause and effect.

Do this, get that. Want some milk… Open the refrigerator.  Cause and effect.

Well there are other worlds in our amazing reality here on planet Earth… we can tap into an a-causal Reality with certain beliefs and activities. No cause-and-effect needed. I did not push the car door opener to make my car beep at me. I connected with it from my heart and that big piece of red steel in the parking lot responded.

A-causal means that we are working non-locally to accomplish the desired effect.

We need power to do this

Jim and I have a neighbor… He’s caused us a great deal of difficulty ever since we moved into this house 3 years ago….I’ve actually never met him! He’s called the city on us three times and the city has come to our doorstep with bogus complaints. He called the HOA twice with complaints that had no validity whatsoever. He even squirted Jim with a hose from his yard.

Basically he resents that we live here….. this house was previously empty for many years

After about 2 years of this difficulty with our neighbor I decided to do an a-causal ceremony. I set my intention for him to leave us alone and I did a Feng Shui cure which is placing dried hot chili peppers all around the perimeter of our house and I put a mirror on the porch to reflect his negativity back to him……

We never heard from him again!!  No more glares as we passed by in our car or walked down the street… Nada! Jim said…”Why did it take so long for you to do that?!”

In our search for power we need to walk the Hummingbird Bridge so that the rational mind does not thwart us. Our task as light workers or in shamanic terms as “children of the sun” is to become conscious of the ecology and our interaction with our environment so that we can call upon it for strength, vitality, release of fear and a gathering of power!

We do not need to call our congressman or march in a rally or place demands on others that we want to help us. All we need to do is gather our power and connect with our environment and receive communication and awareness…. That, and that alone can a causally change the outcome because of our positive intention.

From the finches we have learned… We are giving birth to something new and the outcome that was unknown changes to match a positive intention that has power.

According to proven quantum physics theory we receive power from our awareness …  and this awareness creates change.

Simply by observation….. we change the outcome.

Let us now connect with Mother Earth and bring awareness into the pollution issues that humanity has created, the toxicity of people….fear and loss that the coronavirus has initiated on many levels.

As we bring awareness to this incompatibility, our accumulated power can be used to serve our intention of creating a positive future for Mother Earth and everyone who calls this planet home.

Let’s visualize our neighborhood and bring the beam of light from our lighthouse into the earth and the vegetation, the oceans and every heart… out into the world……….

In God’s Light, 




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