022 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God…We are ONE with Nature 

Today… April 22 is Earth Day! I was reading one of the main articles today in the Guardian written by Richard Deverell, director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in New York City ….he spoke of a NY poster that marks Earth Day …The quote reads “We have met the enemy and he is us.” 

Deverell said that from China to Spain, people of all ages are missing…. what they did not know they would miss….. until they could not have it. Open spaces; realizing the well-being and health benefits of accessing Nature and in many countries missing the blossoming of spring. 

He expresses hope that through our experience of the pandemic we collectively stop taking the planet for granted, degrading and exploiting its resources, and realizing how vulnerable a species we actually are. 

He also said that we need Nature more than ever, as a solution, as a resource…….for respite and for life on Earth. He concludes… stating that we must cease being the enemy of Nature and instead become its friend. 

We checked in today with our Lighthouse and as you could see it’s even bigger and stronger than it was before. It is energy and power, and it is ready to be of service to our planet. We are activators. Our energy together has combined with Divinity in our prayers and we have created this amazing power…. it is ready to be of service to our planet in this time of great challenge. 

On Earth Day April 22, 2020…  It seems we are called to activate this power. 

I did another storyline with our Lighthouse and the intention was to assist humanity… For all of humanity to move into a more supportive interaction with Nature. Sounds like a pretty big intention! I checked in with the Lighthouse and was acknowledged that this was an appropriate intention, i.e., an alignment with its power. 

Please join me on this journey of planetary healing. Use your inter-dimensional vision or imagination to see or feel … to witness and bring awareness to this healing process. 

Earlier today… I began the Storyline and I saw a meadow of yellow flowers… Now a huge elephant is actively and destructively trampling through them. This elephant represents the energy around humanity that is trampling Nature.  

Now I see many men try to control the elephant. They all lasso him around his neck and his legs but he is too strong. The ropes make no difference, they can’t hold him back. 

In this process I do many statements of love, forgiveness and acceptance with mantras always focusing on the transformation of destructive energy. Let us do that now… together… and direct our intention toward the elephant which represents the energy of humanity trampling Nature. 

All of your energy has been recognized… Now I see that our Lighthouse has its mighty beams of light focused on the elephant… Focused on the energy of humanity that is trampling Nature. I’m going to ask you to say a few words with me. These are the words used to assist energy in its transformation…to make a choice to move from destruction to support. From destruction to support. 

… We love you, please love us, ..we forgive you, please forgive us, ..we accept you, please accept us …Om Om Om. 

I did the storyline earlier but because you added your power to it, is becoming stronger… In the blink of an eye… the elephant is transformed into a grove of palm trees…The yellow flowers enjoy peaceful surroundings beneath the trees. They live peaceably together.

The lion and the lamb … 

The scene is tranquil and everything is coherent and in alignment with the beauty and peace of Nature. The energy of trampling on Nature has been transformed. Om Om Om 

Symbolically, palm trees represent the Tree of Life… Longevity and flourishing old age. 

May it be so at the highest vibration of love, peace and compassionate interaction between humanity and Nature from this moment forth. 

We are grateful …to the power of our Universe and to our Lighthouse. 

May we all flourish in our old age as humanity continues to be reborn at higher and higher levels of consciousness.  May Nature and humanity live in peaceful co-existence now and forever…. 

In God’s LightAmen






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