021 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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In our prayer yesterday we prayed about establishing a relationship with our environment because our environment is conscious in every way… Not only the people, the trees and the earth but also inanimate objects. It all has consciousness as does the energy contained within it. We are living on a conscious planet and we can communicate with it through awareness.

This understanding is based on ancient sacred texts as well as the modern science of Quantum physics.

As most of you know from the very beginning of our healing prayers for our planet…. we started with a white candle that soon transformed itself into a Lighthouse through our awareness. Both the candle and the Lighthouse dwell inter-dimensionally.

Our Lighthouse has continued to evolve… It is energy and it has consciousness. Each day we have begun our prayer by making a circle around it….as of yesterday it has become a little too big for that now!!

As we approached it yesterday it was absolutely huge and most of you were able to see that! I was astounded at its transformation. This is communication.

It has revealed it’s consciousness and it’s ready to communicate. After the prayer yesterday I sent all of you a picture of a large white candle in our living room. Jim and I were eating lunch after the prayer and it began to light up in a very unusual way from a crystal in a wind chime close by at our front door.

I was unable to catch a picture of those unusual and very colorful lights that we both saw… But then an hour or so later the sunlight shone directly on that candle through our front window. This is the picture that I texted you. It was very clear to me that our Lighthouse was ready to communicate with us

In all honesty it’s not just any ol’wind chime at my front door… But I am a Feng Shui consultant so that’s another story:) although I will say… that wind chime also has consciousness:)

We have received power from our awareness around our Lighthouse. We observed it ….we have continually observed it and this observation changed the outcome. What outcome?

As all of you know I do clearings for a living with my colleague Beverly. Generally about 50 a week. Although a little slower this April….

Each time Beverly and I do a clearing we are interacting with the energy that is out of balance in a person’s field, in a home, in a business etc. You have all had this experience.

Generally it takes two clearings to get a person or location to neutral. Most people do not want to spend the extra money to do a third… Since it’s already at neutral…. but a third can be a very profound experience! It is part of my clearing program called Clear To The Core.

Once three clearings are complete then I can do what I call a storyline. I am using the same technique that we use for clearings except the energy is already completely reconciled ….so the storyline gives the energy an opportunity to communicate and give more information.

I will tell you…. it is always eager to do this.

Storylines are a direct communication with energy that has already reconciled.

Well I got an insight last night and it seemed that it would be a great idea to do a storyline around our Lighthouse! The energy of it is Divine….. so of course, there was no need to do a clearing.

Our Lighthouse is already transforming …Our awareness has created a shift in our Lighthouse because the lights on the large white candle in our home revealed that communication was beginning. Remember this is an a-causal experience of reality…we discussed this yesterday… this kind of communication is not recognized in the rational liner rational world. We need to cross the Hummingbird Bridge in order to continue our communication. 

As we all know when we cross the Hummingbird Bridge we move out of the rational mind and into the dreamtime… The dimension where all reality is created. I will repeat that…It is the dimension where all reality is created.  Our Lighthouse… That we have brought into awareness through our prayers together….. has something to say.

A storyline will tell us what.

We can all cross the Hummingbird Bridge…center and ground yourself…as we leave our rational thinking behind. We are now entering…. the dreamtime.

A storyline is not some I imagine or make up…I am a witness to what the energy is revealing and I …WE support it through awareness which is what allows it to enter our 3rd dimensional reality and create healing.

This is our storyline….Join me with you inter-dimensional vision or imagination.

I see our magnificent Lighthouse …. I see other worlds within it… And I see that it is a cosmic transport. We are teleported to a ledge close to the top. There is a railing around the ledge and we stand there….. and we are secure.

I recognize that there is energy around the lighthouse that is not third dimensional and it is there to be of service.  

Now I see an ocean around our lighthouse it is moving in a huge smooth way. The power as it rolls is absolutely immense!

We hold onto the railing and we are safe and the lighthouse is strong and secure.

Now I see the energy that was around the Lighthouse …the  other worlds that were within it are now around it and these worlds are huge….. and yet…they fit in our dreamtime dimension perfectly as we observe them. We are aware. This energy is also aware of us. Creation has begun.

We have now entered what’s called  the Void… Again it’s very safe and very mystical and filled with Holy Spirit and Divine Light. These other worlds are assisting our world now…. I see them around our world around Mother Earth and they become one with our world and activate a new vibration on our planet.

The vibration on our planet is being raised to another level. I expect it is the fifth level of consciousness that the Peruvian Shamans spoke of. This vibration is being raised and is raising the consciousness of all forms on our planet …..people, animals, plants, trees, oceans, stones, mountains…. It is all entering the fifth level of consciousness.

It is raising the vibration of the coronavirus. The virus becomes invalid as a destructive force…. and it is now releasing it’s a negative influence… It becomes light!  I wonder…is our sacred mountain that we journeyed to a couple days ago assisting us…

All of the colors of the rainbow emanate around Mother Earth..and now… finally…. I see luminous Golden Light that is here to be of service to our planet now. We see this luminous light all around our planet….. we feel it…we are surrounded and filled with this Divine Light…and we have entered the Golden Age.

It is done! It is done! It is done!

In God’s Light, 






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