027 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God…

We are grateful for every breath we take.  We send our love to those who are struggling to breathe now.. 

What an amazing gift it is to be able to breathe and have a constant inter-change of oxygen into our lungs and into our bodies that nourishes our cells and gives us life! 

It seems that the coronavirus attacks our lungs in an unusual manner and as we know…. it has taken thousands and thousands of lives because its victims were unable to breathe. 

Oceans produce oxygen through marine plants such as phytoplankton, kelp and algae. These plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. 

When I did a storyline for the oceans in the waterways last week as part of our Lighthouse prayer… this was the only time I have been energetically impacted from any of the work we’ve done in our prayer group.  

Storylines are definitely a readjustment of energy… they are a clearing. I couldn’t even read the words about the ocean without getting impacted and I had to get cleared myself three times. In the first hit I became very disoriented.  Quite a sign that there was an energetic issue! 

The rainforests are considered our second lung and metaphorically of course…. our second lung has emphysema. 

Seaweed alone accounts for 54% of the world’s oxygen production. The ocean acts as the climate regulator. Without the services provided by the oceans…. global temperature could exceed 100°C and make life on earth impossible.  

One of the many reports on the Internet about the impact of pollution states that 87% of our oceans are damaged. Coral reefs have died because of the impact of excess carbon dioxide.

Huge amounts of trash, plastic, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers have contaminated our oceans according to a recent journal published in Current Biology. 

The United Nations called the oceans “The Lungs Of The Earth” because they generate most of the oxygen we breathe.  

And now WE have a virus….What a coincidence! And, probably man-made…. and it attacks OUR lungs….. and now OUR breath is in jeopardy! Now we can’t breathe… 

Is the coronavirus just a reflection of the polluted environment we have created?

Can there be any question that there is a correlation between the lungs of our planet being polluted and our lungs potentially being attacked ?

I believe the coronavirus is a reflection of what we are doing to the planet that we call home! Humanity has created an environment for this pandemic. Humanity has put the lungs of our planet in jeopardy through irresponsibility and apathy….. and our dire global viral situation is a reflection of humanity’s actions and devastating outcome. 

I don’t know much about Sylvia Browne but I do know that in one of her books she wrote “apathy is the antichrist…” She could be right. 

I’ve spoken of …..the physicist that Jim and I had the opportunity to work with in Mexico twice …when he healed me of extreme toxicity… Black mold. Dr Servando. 

He said if we don’t do something now ….the oceans will be dead in 4 years.. That was in 2016. 

He had created some amazing frequency amplifiers… And he was working with the Mexican government to try to install them in different bays in the area near Puerto Vallarta because the bays were dying. He said all we have to do is change the vibration and they will come back to life. 

Remember…. we spoke of a-causal energy last week in our prayer. In Feng Shui you hang a purple crystal in your wealth corner with intention and a mantra and somehow money comes to you from across town or across the world! There is no time or space in the energetic world. There is no size either. A whole universe can be inside a Meridian… I’ve seen it. 

So I asked our Lighthouse what should we do?

You and I….. I did a storyline…. 

I see an apple tree and then I see that the apples are falling off. Now they are on the ground and they are decaying. Now the tree turns black and dies. 

I made healing statements and focused on the decaying fruit and wood. Please join me…“I love you. Please love us. We forgive you. Please forgive us. We accept you. Please accept us. Om Om Om 

A farmer came up and hoed the decaying tree and fruit back into the Earth… He did it caringly, lovingly and responsibly. 

A whole orchard of apple trees grew healthy and vibrant! 

I went outside after I did the storyline and planted an apple seed.

In God’s Light







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