028 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God

We keep our vibration at a high frequency…. 

We connect as ONE to our Lighthouse. 

We definitely need to cross the hummingbird bridge for this one… What if we really don’t know anything about our reality…. what if we don’t know what’s going on in the big, big picture… 

Or even just in the big picture. 

We are seeing and hearing many negative things about the influence of the coronavirus. Some of it is responsible and some of it is very irresponsible and is clearly directed to create fear. ….Fear course… Attracts more fear. Then our frequency is low and will become much more susceptible to illness and other difficulties. 

I read an article about the Verde Valley where we live and the towns surrounding Sedona getting together to decide when and how we would reopen our stores… When we would be back in business? 

There was a place for comments and someone made a comment about the “Grim Reaper of financial loss. “…. What an image! What an invitation to financial loss. And this traveled across the Internet waves and affected the minds and limbic system … of thousands of people including myself…! Cancel Clear! 

I invite you and all of us… to rise above irresponsible media and comments and to turn off anything that would program ourselves or Global energy into attracting more negativity, fear and worry. More illness and financial loss… 

Your limbic system… all those nerves and networks in the brain are concerned with instinct and mood and it controls our basic emotions of fear, pleasure and anger. It cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Or whether it is Intended to create fear …..or peace and security…  

Everything that we imagine matters… It is all coded into the unified field of our planet and the minds of humanity. Positive or negative. In our prayers last week we discussed the field… The unified field …Or source field that surrounds our planet. That connects you and I to everything else…. Including the coronavirus. 

All of our thoughts and actions are coded in this field and it is important that we keep them at a very high frequency because that frequency has a signal that attracts the same vibration right back to us.  

I asked our lighthouse for a storyline to assist us the ocean to move to a higher vibration so the fish could swim and the humans could breathe. 

I didn’t finish it… I thought we would finish it together. 

I see sparkles… I see a planet very, very far away.

Then I realize that is planet earth on the storyline went back in time and it is earth thousands of years ago. 

(Remember Einstein’s space-time continuum states that there is no time or space in the quantum world in which we all exist.) 

The ocean is pristine and I can see that sparkle. It is a live with fish and sea life! 

I did a few of my clearing statements of love and compassion with the mantra Om.. 

Now I see something black poking up in the ocean. I can’t tell what it is or what time. It is it looks like a black ball with spikes. Very ominous. Then it becomes like an oil spill so it has moved to a formless black fluid 

Join me in assisting this dark energy to raise it’s vibration… I we paray our healing words the Lighthouses focus their beams of Light on the ominous energy as well… 

We love you.. You love us

We forgive you. Please forgive us

We accept you. Please accept us. 

I saw the black pool of energy transform into a flock of white birds.  They flew away and the ocean sparkled! 

It is done!

It is done!

It is done! 

In God’s Light






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