031 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God 

We are grateful for your guidance and we are unafraid in our unknown. 

Today is a compilation of this week’s prayers as a way of reaffirming and remembering our process together. 

The United Nations called the oceans “the lungs of the earth” because they generate most of the oxygen we breathe. Is the coronavirus just a reflection of the polluted environment we have created? 

We have polluted our waters and our planet makes the oxygen we need and now we are in fear of a virus that attacks our lungs and has destroyed the life and health of many. 

We saw a decaying apple tree In one of our storylines and through our healing prayers it was transformed into an orchard of healthy apples revealing vibrancy and good health in our world… We worked with this energy a-causally and planted an apple seed as a ritual to manifest a healthy recovery for humanity as well as for our oceans and waterways. 

We all understand we need to keep our vibration at a higher frequency. Not allowing the fear of often irresponsible media coverage whose message can be destructive to a healthy global outlook and manifestation. We keep our words and our thoughts at a high-level. We visualize a positive outcome as we open ourselves to the source field that unifies everything …. as we are One. 

There have been and will continue to be many positive gifts from the coronavirus and one of them is that our individual communities on Mother Earth have become a global journey as we expand active compassion to those less fortunate. Even corporations have offered major discounts on daily living payments and loosened their payment structure to assist those with severe financial loss. Even the IRS changed tax day!! 

In our prayers we have reached a different level as we all enter and recognize that we are in unknown territory and have faith that we are continually unconditionally loved and supported even though our surrounding reality has a great deal of uncertainty attached to it. 

During these times we have become like the blind person who is getting used to the dark and can work powerfully into the light and re-direct our focus from uncertainty and fear to the many new possibilities that will come to the surface because of this challenging time. 

Yesterday I shared the ritual.. a Native American corn and tobacco ceremony… that Jim and I did out in the Sedona rocks. We used a little cloth bat to represent the coronavirus.  Our intention was to shift the vibration of the virus so that it benefited humanity rather than causing illness and death. During the ceremony…. a stone near our prayer circle continued to attract me…  it had some white paint on it that resembled a skull. I placed a kernel of our sacred corn on the skull and when I did, … I heard the words “eradicate death.” 

If you remember I googled the words and found a book called death eradicate that is a novel written by a former CIA agent about a future global pandemic and a sinister vaccine. The book was published in 2014 but story begins in October 2020.

A rather profound synchronicity. 

We will all do a meditation and experience the power of our unknown…..

In God’s Light



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