030 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Yesterday we talked about the unknown… The wisdom involved with not knowing. It can be difficult to leave the safe harbor of the known for the unpredictable unknown where tremendous growth and opportunity is possible. 

Certainty the known may calm our anxious spirit but it closes the door to possibility. When the known overshadows the unknown… we forsake our infinite life….. for a counterfeit finite existence. 

In Shamanism, which we have referred to quite often in our prayers… there’s a concept called stalking. And I am definitely a stalker. 

A stalker looks at different issues and gets little energetic bits and pieces like in a jigsaw puzzle that need to be put together in order to explore a possibility and gain wisdom. 

So let’s cross the hummingbird bridge… It is absolutely necessary for this as I’d like to share some of the pieces of my puzzle with you. Let’s all work on it. 

The phone number as you know for our prayers is 617-691-8311. I have been connected to the concept of 1111 ….which means divine doorway for 30 years. It has been constantly with me and 8311 which is the phone number that we call … It’s 11:11. When we were given that number our prayer time was blessed. In the past I’ve gotten so many signs like that with spectacular results. For me it says God is with me or God is with…. whatever it represents. On the right track! 

On March 31 the day before we started our prayers I had a very interesting dream. It felt like a download if you know what I mean. 

The download was… “The coronavirus is our initiation into our New World. Some will walk on the coals of fire without fear or pain and others will perish but we will all go to the other side …we will all go through the door. The price of the ticket is to release fear because from this point on there is no death.” 

Well after this download I realized I was working on a puzzle. … But I had no idea what any of it was about. I was stepping into the unknown not having any idea what will be presented or why or where I’m going. The unknown is full of potential and excitement! 

We have been praying each day for 30 days. Last week Cynthia… I was on the line with Cynthia from Pleasant Hill 🙂 and we were just chatting and she said something about this cute little bat that she had in a drawer … She said it’s been there for a long time. It was actually a finger puppet. It came up because of the association with coronavirus and bats. 

Some of you who know me well or have worked with me a lot know that I’m all about ritual. Feng Shui is all ritual and rituals are my deal. Because I know that when you set an intention with some kind of object in the third dimension…. like we are doing with the salt water and like we did with the apple seed that tremendous power can be unleashed to accomplish a goal. Using an object concretizes the intention back into the third dimension for manifestation. Thus…, salt water and apple seeds….and little cloth bats. 

Going back to Cynthia’s little cloth bat… I said “can you send that to me?!” She knew what I was up to and put it in the mail that day! 

This morning Jim and I went out early into the magnificent red rocks of Sedona for a hike and we did a ritual with the bat. The intention was to release the negative effects of the coronavirus. Yes, I found a man who is interested in ritual and ceremony as well 🙂 but that’s another story. 

Jim drew a prayer circle with a stick in the red dirt on a sacred spot we have used before. We were going to do a Native American ceremony. We put the cloth bat in the center of our prayer circle on a stone. We offered corn and tobacco to the four directions…. to father sky and to mother earth saying prayers for assistance about the coronavirus, humanities challenges and The eco-system of our planet. 

We put the little cloth bat up in a pine tree branch that was above our prayer circle. Jim secured it.  

When our ceremony was complete I looked over at a small rock that I’d been noticing the whole time.  

Of course rocks have consciousness and it clearly had something to tell me.  It had some white paint on it and I decided to give it all more attention. I realized the white paint was actually in the shape of a skull. So we picked up one of our pieces of corn from our ceremony and set it on the skull. 

When we did that, I heard the words “eradicate death….” hmmmm 

Just to mention “crystal” skulls carries strong symbolism in Shamanism. Mostly from the Mayan and Aztec traditions. When I lived in Moraga I did a ceremony with crystal skulls and 40 people attended… it was extremely powerful and beneficial to Mother Earth. 

Well OK… so I heard the words eradicate death from the skull on the rock. I let those words kind of settle In and then Jim and I continued on our hike on this glorious morning in Sedona. 

I am a stalker as I mentioned…  so I continue to try to put the pieces of my puzzle together.  

When we got home I goggled “eradicate death”.

Well, there was a book written in 2014 by John W Vance a former CIA agent. The book a part of a trilogy titled The Death: Eradicate.  It just so happens to be a post apocalyptic pandemic thriller. 

I ordered it on my Kindle a couple hours ago and haven’t had time to look through it but as I looked at the preface, the date which is the title of the preface is October 6, 2020. 

So we have talked about the wisdom and the power of the unknown because the potential for uncovering possibilities that was not available to us before become available. 

I realize that my experience is a little bit unusual but for all of us as we move through this unknown territory of the coronavirus and every person on our planet being affected by it….. stepping into the unknown allows us the opportunity to complete our puzzle and find the wisdom at the core. 

Just as I finished this last word of this prayer Shelly texted me a picture of a light house at night (the unknown)…lit up by holiday lights!! Clearly our Lighthouse is winking at us right now! It seems to be interested in our puzzle as well. 

In God’s Light



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