034 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Most of you were present in yesterday’s prayer… But not all.… So to let you know we activated a powerful awareness of the fifth dimensional journey for all humanity and for our planet. Sounds a little grand…but that is what we did. 

Today we are moving forward with our relationship with the fifth dimension creating a deeper connection that provides more opportunity for our planetary ascension. 

I’m not sure how many of you felt that amazing energy that we created yesterday. After the prayer ended I was just surrounded by this absolutely beautiful creamy, loving energy…It was tactile and conscious. 

We became aware of the fifth dimension but what’s really powerful is the 5th dimension became aware of us…and even more important it became aware of itself. 

When I do clearings I interact with dissonant energy that is not supporting the person or location we are clearing. The whole process is about the energy becoming aware of itself because at that point it activates consciousness…. and has the ability to make a choice…to discern…. which it will do. This is actually a premise in Quantum Physics. 

The same goes for us… As we become more aware of ourselves and our patterns…..in that process the patterns start to become aware of themselves…. and that awareness creates healing. Remember everything has consciousness. 

As we learned last week thoughts are actually made up of atoms and molecules .… atoms and molecules are part of the Source Field and have consciousness as well.  We can begin to witness the patterns in personal evolution and because of that we generate new choices that create possibility for elevated transformation. 

Consciousness of being…. creates more consciousness. Consciousness is actually a force that creates something beyond what already exists. So when we instill consciousness into matter, the results that can be seen are inventions such as radio TV, internet, iPhones, artificial intelligence, nano technology etc. 

We have done this same process in constructing our Lighthouse. We brought awareness into a certain aspect or intention of consciousness as a prayer group ….that is of service to humanity and Mother Earth… and our Lighthouse has become conscious as well. 

Now it has it multiplied and extended to itself throughout our world….thousands of Lighthouses….all conscious…and they have a certain capacity to discern value which I believe is why they are so ready to be of service to a struggling humanity and planet….It is a choice. 

Now we are bringing consciousness into the fifth dimension and just like with our Lighthouse and its evolution we are again working in the Unknown. 

As we move forward with our consciousness as a force our…. Lighthouses are beaming power, healing and consciousness into our world vehicle of the 5th dimension and our planetary awakening.

In God’s Light



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