035 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Yesterday I drew a card after we completed our prayer. I am using a deck called “The Wild Unknown Archetypes” and I drew “The King…”  

They are filled with grace and humility, knowing the Divine uses them as a channel to heal deep and long-standing discrepancies in the kingdom 


I want to do a little recap on the last couple days because what we’ve accomplished through our interaction with our Lighthouses and the Fifth Dimension is quite profound. 

We have constructed a Lighthouse through our prayers, intention and divine energy. We are partners with it.. with them. 

Our Lighthouse originally presented itself as a candle and became aware of us as we became aware of it ….and then it became aware of itself and generated a very high vibration of consciousness. Consciousness of Being… Consciousness of Being creates more consciousness…. which is actually a force that generates something beyond what already exists. 

Our Lighthouse has multiplied as we have put more awareness on it and we now have thousands of them throughout the world that are beaming a positive healing frequency to all people and in all global situations and decisions. Each time we pray together…. we bring more consciousness into each one of our Lighthouses. 

We have activated a process for our global Ascension into the 5th Dimension to assist humanity in The Awakening. This is a much higher frequency than the Third Dimension that we now live in  …… and are transiting out of….  (Repeat) 

Where are we going?… into the Divine Unknown…the womb of all creation. 

We became aware of the Fifth Dimension in our prayer on Sunday… and as we continued… it became aware of us… And then it became aware of itself…. which generates a force… to create something beyond what already exists. This is the same process as our Lighthouse activation. 

Yesterday, Golden Orbs emanated as we entered the 5th Dimension in our meditation ….. therefore communication has now begun. 

All of our Lighthouses were activated with the Golden Orb frequency in that meditation and…. they are now beaming 5th Dimension awareness into the hearts and minds of all humanity.   

This level of consciousness will again become a force that creates something beyond what already exists…. and this is the Unknown because it is beyond anything we’ve ever known or experienced before. 

We don’t know what the Unknown contains but we are definitely interacting with it and it will be something beyond and FAR ABOVE what has previously existed. 

Let’s begin our meditation…..
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In God’s Light







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