038 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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The card I drew for yesterday’s prayer was The Womb. We know that the Unknown is the womb of creation.  The Unknown and the Fifth Dimension continue communication and encouragement. 

We have begun our journey to integrate the Fifth Dimension because it seems the door is ajar! 

Ajar between the third and the Fifth so that we will experience a deeper connection and more opportunity as our planet ascends. 

We have first constructed and then activated our Lighthouse through awareness, and we are doing the same with the Fifth Dimension. We are bringing awareness into this new vibration and it has then become aware of us… The real magic happens when it becomes aware of itself and starts to evolve and manifest more fully. It is doing that now.  

Awareness is a powerful process and through awareness we generate more consciousness and consciousness is a force in quantum physics.

It is a force that has the potential to create something new. Something that didn’t exist before becomes available… Like our Lighthouses! Like activating the Fifth Dimension. 

Now our Lighthouses are beaming with Fifth Dimensional frequency. They have become a very powerful tool and we are using that energy to assist in the awakening of our planet. To assist in the higher vibrations so that the pollution is cleaned up and our health, the health of humanity… no longer reflects a polluted environment. 

We have since experienced….. in our meditations the Fifth Dimension Golden Orbs that are a form of communication from the Fifth Dimension. In the next meditation they became vortexes that revealed ….. and we are using those to create harmony and healing in our world. 

In the following meditation we saw Fifth Dimensional children…. and as they are born with the higher frequencies of love, compassion, justice, equality, abundance and plenty for all.  

The Hundredth Monkey concept is that an experiment was done on an island in the South Pacific. Monkeys were taught to wash the sweet potatoes so that they were not consuming dirt. 

After certain amount of monkeys learned how to do that and others followed suit… And then monkeys on other islands suddenly began washing their sweet potatoes! And then the monkeys that were born after this experience carried the new consciousness they just naturally washed their sweet potatoes.

Our children will be born with this new consciousness as the whole universe is teaching us new ways to live in a clean environment with good health. As the Fifth Dimensional higher vibration becomes more evident, we will turn to solar and green and 100s of new concepts, inventions and ideas that were not available to us before humanity’s corona experience. We will no longer pollute our world with petroleum, Coal, 5Gs, Roundup and all of those kinds of destructive pollutants. It just will not be a part of our reality any more.  

Are we making a difference… Absolutely! Everything we’re doing is changing our planet for the better as we call in new vibrations and they respond to us through our faith, compassion joy and unity and unified intention.

In God’s Light



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