037 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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The card I drew for yesterday was “The Unseen” and the description is that the door between the worlds is ajar.

Let’s envision together our global experience at the highest frequency … The empowerment of the Fifth Dimension which is a Dimension of peace, love, abundance, good health and joy is penetrating our planet and all who live here. 

Today we are countering all of the negative images that have spread across our news media and Internet and have lodged in the thoughts and words of so many, creating more and more negativity and difficulties and illness. 

We are raising the vibration of all of those negativities through the power of our visions and thoughts beaming them through our divine Lighthouses. We are visualizing and seeing a high vibrational reality and we are manifesting it as we do. 

The doorway between the worlds… Between the third and Fifth Dimension is ajar…

We bring power and consciousness into our experience and our faith for the betterment of all humankind. It’s manifesting everywhere on our planet, in the hearts and minds of all souls. 

Our Lighthouses continue to beam high frequency to every person who dwells on earth… Any who were ill are now feeling better; any who were afraid are no longer afraid but are faith-filled. Our doctors and nurses are filled with expectation of healing and recovered patients. And they do heal and they are recovered! Children are eager to go back to school and play with their friends and they do…. Everyone in our world is working who choose to and making a good income and there is no fear of financial loss or challenge. There is plenty of food and there is no issue around any kind of shortage. We live in an abundant planet! 

Every breath we take is healthy, every thought we have is at a high vibration…. Humanity continues to evolve and communicate love, justice, compassion, tenderness and productivity. 

Together we visualize the beauty that is so abundant on our planet and together we see the mountains in their majesty and the magnificent clouds above that highlights a teal blue sky, or create a cloudy one that allows the rain to nourish the earth… We are all grateful. 

As we visualize healthy people and our beautiful planet, we are releasing any and all toxicity, negativity, challenge, aggression or difficulty by only seeing the wonder and beauty. That is all that exists. Destructive viruses are raised to a high vibration and their energy becomes supportive NOW.  

In doing this together we continue to manifest a sublime reality that supports health and happiness. It is erasing any negative images we’ve seen in the media or on cell phones about the global pandemic causing crisis. It is important when you hear a word that describes and touches your heart please say the word out loud. All of our comforting thoughts and words are beamed through our Lighthouses to every heart of every person.  

All of our world leaders, governments, state and city officials are receiving high vibrational information and communications through this ignition of Lighthouses and they make good decisions that support an evolving humanity.  

We visualize and see all of the rivers and waterways of our world clean and generating pure water that creates good health for all. 

We see the ocean crystal clear… we visualize the magnificent sea life that mother nature has created in her godliness. We see the sharks and the whales, the octopus, the coral, the clams and the shrimp and the beautiful red and purple lobsters in clean, clear, fresh ocean water. 

The fish that we eat from the rivers and in the oceans are clean and healthy and our children build strong bodies from it. 

We visualize and manifest clean air remembering a time each of us has been up in a high altitude in the forest where  the air is so amazingly fresh and crisp…..the air that fills our lungs every day…. no matter where we live, it is pure and without issue. 

We visualize solar and green energy generating power on our planet so there is no longer need for 5G or massive amounts of electricity, or petroleum or coal or any of the pollutants that harm us and the planet on which we dwell… The sun provides everything we need and everyone is so grateful ….the sun never tires of showering its generous energy and warmth into our lives, machinery and production. 

We see the forest, the rainforest and the jungles …… all of the amazing vegetation green and lush, all pulling in excess carbon and releasing oxygen… more oxygen for us to breathe. 

The birds are singing and the bees are pollinating.

The flowers are blooming.

In God’s Light



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