041 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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John Perkins… Spent time in Peru with the Aztecs and he understood that the Mayans had everything material and had lost touch with the earth herself and with spirit. Their Shamans saw that this was happening and they taught the people how to change into lives that would be more satisfying and enduring… If we wish to survive we must listen to those who can lead us from the abyss. In that world the answer was shape shifting.

Our world is changing like never before… Change that happens through shape shifting endures. What is shape shifting? 

It is transformation or a transmutation.  Patty’s image of her Lighthouse. I would like Patti to share her vision that she had last week. It is a perfect example of transmuting 3-D energy into cosmic energy so it can return to us as benefit and transition into the Fifth dimension.  

In shape shifting we are not combating the difficulty. Imagine if Noah had created dikes instead of an ark! It is transitioning with change; in oneness. 

How many rivers can we dam? How many cars can we manufacture? How many forests can we cut and pave over with highways? How many people can live in houses like ours? It’s foolish to believe this can go on forever… Our way of life is irrational and unsustainable.  

We must not look to the ideas of the past but look to our imagination for transition and transmutation… To the higher frequency of the Fifth dimension we are love, compassion, justice and environmental purity reflecting a sustainable world. 

The corporate world and the world that we have created is not an easy one to change or to dismantle. No point in combating it head on… Better to shape shift into it as One. If we see a wall… Why tear it down… Better to create a door. 

The world is as you dream it in shape shifting takes off from the dream and transports us into a whole new realm. This is what we are doing with our Lighthouses and global Integration into the Fifth dimension. 

The dream is everything… It is our vision of who we are and where we want to go. What is your dream for our world? What are you dreaming into reality? What are WE dreaming into reality? 

We are all one like never before…. every word that comes from our mouth should be big… Global. We will never be separate again. Just like the sign we see here and there…“ We are all in this together.” Amen! And thank God!  

In the concept of shape shifting, shape shifters become one with what they are becoming… How? Because they are already it ….and they, and what they are becoming, are the same… They are ONE 

Those with a scriptural background might know the words of Yeshua from The Gospel of John. 

My father and I are one…Father, you are in me and I am in you …may they also be in us. 

We are all one like never before…  as we are globally One … this mindset and awareness is just one of the many benefits coming from our current situation. If you remember our process of creating a force and constructing through consciousness… We are recognizing our oneness… As we bring awareness into it and focus on the oneness becomes aware of us and then it becomes aware of itself and it becomes manifested.  

In our meditation let us become one with our Lighthouses and begin the process of transferring energy from the third dimension into the Fifth so our transition becomes manifest. As we become one with the Lighthouse is we enter into the ancient process of shape shifting.

In God’s Light



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