042 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Historically in Europe there was a ruling elite that hoarded more and more wealth… Then something wonderful happened… Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered “The New World.” 

The British troops marched in flashing red coats and positioned themselves while the colonial militia dressed in homespun and buckskins, the color of their surroundings. They hid behind trees and stone fences and made themselves invisible becoming inseparable from their environment. Much of this was learned from the Native Americans. 

The world shape shifted from a female dominated society to a male dominated society thousands of years ago…. 

The concept of the art of shape shifting requires that you have to already believe that you are the same thing that you’re going to shift into. That your separateness is only an illusion. We know that we are made up of the same stuff as the oceans, the stars at molecular level and that all of it is just energy. 

Our world has the potential to shape shift into the New World….yet again…. to be more conscious of Our environment and to become one with it and part of it again. 

How do we want to be and how would we get there? 

One answer is in the stone that you picked up when we visited UBALDO‘s tribe of mountain people… Do you remember what your stone was? If you don’t just choose one now and energetically place it at your navel. 

In the New World our way of life must shift so that we can reconnect to our environment and become one with it … Care for it and keep it healthy so that humanity becomes healthy again as a perfect reflection of our sacred surroundings. 

Do we believe that we become a reflection of our environment? Does our environment have an impact on who we are? As our resources are diminished and our air, water and food is polluted…. Does this affect how we think and our health? Can an unhealthy environment create an opening for viruses and pandemics to occur? 

Jim and I live in Sedona… It’s so interesting that people here look so very different from residents in a nearby town called Cornville. Jim and I go there often and also often remark about it because it’s a very distinct difference. 

Sedona with all of its monetary success from tourism and the influence of a very active art community engenders a certain personal appearance, a certain awareness and consciousness. 

Cornville was founded in 1868… it is a very rural town and people dress differently and there’s a different consciousness there than here …Just 30 miles away and at a lower elevation.

Flat land….No big red rocks like in Sedona. 

Certainly not one being is better than the other… Just different. Our environment has a tremendous influence on who we are and where we put our focus. 

Yesterday we shape shifted and became our Lighthouses… Today we will shape shift different environmental areas of our world into their new and rightful place that is their due ….because their origin is natural. In our New World there is no manipulation of crops, no destructive chemicals, No worries, no starvation… 

Visualize or envision the stone opening up and there is a beautiful crystal cave inside it. It becomes larger and larger… It’s inter-dimensional energy so size becomes irrelevant.

In God’s Light



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