054 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Dear Father Mother God, 

How are we going to return? …. And what are we going to return to after the profound separation, chaos and fear we have experienced? 

How are we going to be welcomed into this amazing new world?
Who will be there to welcome us?
Who will know it’s there?
Who will recognize it? 
Will we still be trying to find resonance with the old world when the new has already been birthed? 

The Unknown will become known and it will manifest on our planet just like the Lighthouses have done.  Just like the card we drew last Wed….  the TEAR.  The tear has come forth as well… Our sorrow for the victims of injustice… has opened the floodgates of compassion for humanity. 

The NFL has rescinded their ban of the players protesting police brutality to minorities by “Taking a Knee.”  One my clients said that last week her difficult boss was holding a virtual meeting and when everyone was assembled she started crying and told everyone she loved them. I emailed all of you the picture of thousands of people gathered to hold up their flashlights like Lighthouses of Love for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which as we know is how long it took George Flood to suffocate from the police stranglehold. 

Have you been more emotional?  I am crying at the drop of a hat!  I have not cried in years..even though there were many time in the last ..say 5 years that I needed to and wanted to…but dry as a bone…well not anymore!  The floodgates of compassion have opened!! 

We have become united nationally and globally through a brutal attack by those we pay to protect us.  This one act …..that the whole world saw clearly…. has ignited a trumpet of intolerance that is roaring through our planet, and this powerful frequency is directed at injustice. 

George Floyd was a martyr for the cause of freedom …..Not just for African-Americans, but for all of us… A martyr to the moral crusade that puts the spotlight on police brutality and unconstitutional government intervention…. As well as all of the rest of it! 

New York City Mayor Bill the Blasio announced yesterday that the police are being defunded and the money would be moved toward addressing the disparities that “have been revealed through the coronavirus” in terms of economics, healthcare and other issues. Wow! 

The coronavirus …is now seen as the great revealer! Gotta love that! 

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti said the same thing and that there would be 250 million dollars in cuts in police funding in order to invest more money into the black community, communities of color, women and people who have been left behind! 

The floodgates are opening… The call against racism is being shouted now worldwide!! The UK, France, Japan, Lebanon, Australia …and more and more countries and citizens who will no longer tolerate inequality! !! Change is coming and it seems that the coronavirus has led the way! 

As we reflect on our myth…the old woman in the cave of knowledge… The cave of knowledge that resides in the human soul….within the soul of all humanity…weaving the threads of justice. She has a mess of threads in one hand and the next design of life in our world in the other hand.  

Some call the old woman Mother Earth…some call her Mother Nature or Gaia. 

She knows that chaos will undo all of life’s beautiful designs when things get too close to manipulation by a few and become greed, violence and deceit become the default 

…THEN black dog will pull on the threads of the present existence and a new design will be born… That is happening right now!

In God’s Light



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