053 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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More from Michael Meade in his book “The World Won’t End.” 

The apocalypse often appears along with images of paradise… They are the bookends of cosmology and mythology. They are paired images secretly connected… like Alpha and Omega. 

Chaos appears when the end is near but it also appears at the very beginning… Before the new creation starts to unfold… Right before paradise, the implicate order is revealed. 

Implicate order is a quantum physics term that could be symbolized by the woven cloak that was in our myth on Monday. 

The disasters that we are facing now rattle us as we are drawn into the dance of the Cosmos and the chaos that follows it. We are in the middle of this cosmic dance and we are looking for a renewal and redemption for our planet as we move toward the Fifth Dimension and a higher level of consciousness worldwide. 

Just like in our myth on Monday ….. things are unraveling and the world seems to be roaring with a threat of collapse.  

There are two types of time ….one is Chronos or Father Time….which is logical and linear and when we live only in Father Time are always losing time…we don’t have enough time. Time is not our friend…  

The other kind of time is Kairos which is the time at the opportune moment… It’s in the nick of time… It’s a little crack in time that is razor-blade thin…that opens potential for a thousand new possibilities and with unpredictable outcomes. 

Kairos is time outside of time or it’s the other side of time… It is a timelessness that exists alongside common time. In Kairos every situation is full of meaning and worth as we prepare for the arrival of eternity, another name for paradise or our Fifth Dimension. 

In Kairos we become prophetic and we can see in all directions at one time… Kairos is awakened time and it is experienced in the blink of an eye. Synchronicity’s dwell within Kairos. 

It is the kind of time that our soul relates to and the soul of our world relates to. We can find meaning in it … end it has no beginning or end. 

Yesterday we drew the card Threshold for our prayer ….Threshold is an experience between one era and the next …where the normal rules of life are suspended… When we are at a threshold, the trajectory of our lives and the life of our planet can be altered. 

A unifying third can emerge at just the right time!  

In Kairos we see the unseen because we are looking from the soul which dwells in eternal time…  

Now we will do our meditation and we are going enter Kairos as we travel to an eternal spring that is unseen and that dwells outside of linear time and creates a unifying third that restores our world.  

We will move through a crack in time that is razor blade thin to experience this and we will bring back the River of Life that feeds our world with righteous anger, peace, hope, compassion, justice and faith.

In God’s Light



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