056 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Myths are a powerful way to narrate secrets and essential stories that tend not to be altered by the passage of time because they represent eternal archetypes that we all relate to. 

They always refer to another world nearby, a transcendent realm of archetype of forms that are paradigms for all humanity and for sacred realities that lay beneath the 3D world. 

We have been praying together for our planet for 2 1/2 months… Our prayers have been powerful but if you were to remember anything clearly, you would probably remember the Lighthouse, the Jaguar, the hummingbird bridge and the old woman in the cave with a black dog who pulls the strings out of her weaving so that she can create yet another world. 

The Native Americans, The Mayans and other ancient traditions would say that this world… that we call reality, is actually Maya or Illusion… Why would they say this? 

There are esoteric or inner levels of reality that shape our world from an underlying aspect of eternity. Our new world is being shaped right now. This recognition could be underestimated and even dismissed because we don’t have the capacity or frequency to acknowledge it. Or we can take action to activate this underlying aspect of eternity to support our transitioning planet. We will do that in our meditation. 

We will create a living myth that connects us with the eternal as it is always waiting nearby to be discovered and to give insight. 

Myths are archetypal dramas that constitute vehicles of creation that connect us with the noblest aspect of our souls. When we hear a “living myth“…. something inside us lights up and gives the present reality meaning…it empowers us with foresight, courage and a sense of knowing the deep truth about what is happening in our world and in our lives. 

Myths open us to the great wonder and power of spirit and they generate participation in archetypal language that reveals deep truths that we all have the potential to recognize. Awareness of this greater and transformative reality has the potential to change the outcome. 

What survives the storms of life and gives us the capacity to envision a future with our amazing gifts of imagination and inspiration has been set within our soul even before we were given life. True inspiration flows from this eternal unseen world.  

Let us envision a new future for our planet, and in our meditation do what we can to cleanse our world so that renewal is eminent!

In God’s Light



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