057 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Father Mother God 

I’ve been exploring some information from John Jenkins whom we’ve learned from before. He wrote a book on psycho navigation. He said that modern medicine has begun to understand the benefits of psycho navigation… They are techniques stemming from ancient practices that are being used in hospitals to fight drug abuse, cancer, heart disease and even to mend broken bones. 

The goal is to help people discover the cause of their ailments and to initiate cures…this method is cyber physiology and the Greek root word cyber means to navigate.  

You may want to use this method personally but today we’re going to assist our planet to move into the fifth dimension so that we can move safely out of global chaos and into peace, compassion and equality as we begin to actively explore psycho navigation. 

The Shuar people native to Peru, attune with their Jaguar God to visualize friendly forces attacking their disease. We have interacted with these indigenous people in our meditation before and we certainly are connected with the Jaguar. 

The list of people who have used  psycho navigation include some very famous people such as Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart, Gandhi, Roosevelt, Kennedy and many, many, others whose name and contribution are easily recognized. 

One case that as well documented is an episode in London during 1941 when his inner pilot directed Winston Churchill away from a spot where a German bomb exploded seconds later. 

Today we will begin our exploration and connect with our “inner pilot” and of course we will do that astride our Jaguar who continues to protect us and our planet. 

John Jenkins recognized that psycho navigation could be used to mediate global destruction through the issues at hand which include pollution and toxicity on our planet and in our minds and hearts.  

Psycho navigation provides a tool for accessing universal knowledge. Carl Jung psycho navigated frequently and he explained the phenomenon as an inner journey to the realm of the collective unconscious. By entering this realm he was able to draw on the body of information that is available to all people…those living in the hearts of jungles as well as in modern cities. 

In order to psycho navigate you must have a positive attitude….. this is a  prerequisite. The goal is to reach an alpha state where the frequencyof the brain waves are reduced. 

As we do this we want to be in a completely relaxed state and focus on a single word such as peace. I think if we all focus on that together it will be very powerful and we are directing it towards our planet and all of humanity. 

In our meditation the Earth will be below us and we begin to see it from above. As we move toward the moon, the moon splits in half and we pass between the two sections as we head toward the sun and the stars. The sun grows closer and as we round it we come face-to-face with The Master. The Master assumes the role of your ”inner pilot” and you must trust whoever or whatever you see because we are protected by the Jaguar just as they were in ancient times. Our intention is clear and pure. 

Explain to him what’s happening on our planet and ask him to assist us. Whatever method you visualize or imagine know that he is instilling ancient knowledge somewhere on the planet and there will be a shift to a higher frequency. 

Now we show gratitude and we feel and are embraced by The Master as he is very tender and loving. And suddenly we find ourselves back in the chair that we were sitting in when we began. 

We feel total peace and total confidence in the future of our beautiful Mother Earth. 

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In God’s Light




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